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How do I access my tax documents if my account is closed?

If you have already deleted your Webull brokerage account but your Webull app account is still active, you can view your tax documents on our website only. You can login to the website portal using your original username and password at

If your account is closed and you cannot login using your original credentials, you will need to verify some additional details via email to access your documents at

All of your tax documents for 2020 will be generated and delivered by February 16, 2021. You'll be notified by email once your document is ready. 

Steps to Verify Your Identify

1. Click

2. Enter your SSN, First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth

3. Enter your email address which you used to open your Webull brokerage account and receive trading-related notifications and documents.

4. If all the information you provided are accurate and identical to your deleted/closed account, you can access Webull E-Document Center for 2 hours

5. Click "Check Document"

6. Refresh the E-Document page after 10 minutes. 

If your tax documents are ready, you can download them immediately. 

If your tax documents are not yet generated by the clearing firm, you need to come back to the E-Document page after February 17, 2021 or after receiving the email from


1) Identity verification to access Webull E-Document Center is only available for deleted/closed accounts;

2) The temporary login session via identity verification expires every 2 hours.

3) All the required fields should be accurate and identical to your application. 

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