A direct line of communication between investors and companies.


Get up to date news, reports and more directly from listed companies


Build community and relationships with retail investors



Stay informed with the most recent news, updates, and more from the companies you follow!


Receive instant notifications whenever verified company profiles share new content.


Take advantage of the Q&A feature to directly ask questions to the participating companies.


Engage with fellow investors by voting on the questions you want to see answered.

How do you use Webull's Corporate Connect?

Look up participating companies to follow!

Find the company with the magnifying glass on the home page

Select desired company from the list

Search for the "Corporate Connect" entrance banner

Find it under the "FEEDS" or  "COMPANY" tab

Explore the company's published content

Discover updates, news, and more - all under the "POSTS" tab.

Follow your favorite companies

Simply tap the "FOLLOW" button to receive notifications whenever the company publishes new content

Submit a question to a participating company

Have a question for the company? Ask it directly!

Locate the company's Corporate Connect page

See above for instructions

Check out current Q&As

Browse through answered and unanswered questions submitted by other investors by tapping on "Q&A"

Ask the company a question

Tap on "POST A QUESTION" located at the bottom of the screen to submit your query!

Give a question a boost

Indicate your interest in similar questions you may have by "LIKING" the post.

Current List of Participating Companies

Disclaimer: The list is for informational purpose only, and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendation, nor as an offer or solicitation to deal in any investment product. You will leave the Webull Financial website after clicking on "See All" button and the Logos.

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Invest in your Investors

Build a community and foster relationships with current and potential investors on an app with over 35m downloads

Provide information.

Deliver YOUR corporate message directly to retail investors

Share insight.

Post content where it will be viewed by highly engaged Webull retail investors

Answer questions.

Build a relationship by acknowledging the concerns of an underserved pocket of retail investors

Why use Webull's Corporate Connect?

Retail investors are increasingly significant in the US equity market

Due to the introduction of no commission trading, the retail investor is more important and engaged than ever!

Our self directed retail investors are highly engaged

Recognizing their importance, it is crucial to prioritize communication and engagement with this growing segment of investors.

Efficiently interact with retail investors

By understanding their needs, providing valuable resources, and fostering meaningful connections, you can effectively cater to the interests of retail investors.

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