Trade with Webull on a top-class charting and trading platform. With TradingView, you can place trades directly from their charts, chat with other users, and learn within the largest community of investors.
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Why Webull on TradingView?
$0 Commission
Enjoy commission free trades when you place orders on TradingView.
Low Margin Rates
No one likes hidden costs - that’s why Webull’s low margin rates allow you to trade directly from TradingView’s platform without worrying about high interest payments.
Execution Quality
Executing trades with your Webull account from a TradingView chart is seamless, secure, and worry-free.
No Minimum Deposit
Any amount will do - with no minimum deposit requirements, investing with your Webull brokerage account via TradingView is accessible for everyone.
Meet TradingView
15+ modifiable chart types
Covering all popular trading concepts
110+ smart trading tools
Perform in-depth market analysis
400+ technical indicators
Make informed trading decisions
13 alert conditions
Stay in the know and never miss a trading opportunity
100+ Financial ratios
Comprehensive analytical suite
TradingView features
Cutting-edge tech
Industry-leading charting tools with an unparalleled user interface and a wide range of customizations.
All things trading
Watchlists, alerts, and live news, seamlessly integrated into a charting and trading dashboard.
Pine ScriptTM
Lightweight and powerful programming language for developing custom indicators and strategies.
Strategy tester
Simulate trading setups and use historical data to test various strategies with detailed reports.
Chart and learn in the TradingView community
Communicate and follow top community traders from around the world and never trade alone again. Research or produce and share your own ideas, scripts, or streams.
How to get started
Create accounts
Create or login to your Webull and TradingView accounts
Webull on TradingView
In the broker profile, click "Trade", or find Webull on the chart's trading panel
Connect the accounts
Enter your Webull account credentials to integrate your account with TradingView
Open an Account
Try the TradingView Desktop App
Enhance your trading experience with additional features on the powerful desktop application.
100% synchronisation with your browser version
Configure your charts across multiple displays
Expanded workspace size for better analysis
Link several tabs with the same symbols
Frequently asked questions about the integration
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Q: How to make deposits and withdrawals? 
Q: Is TradingView secure?
Q: I want to practice trading without risking real money. How can I do it? 
Q: Where can I find tutorials and guides for TradingView?
Q: How much does it cost?
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