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Webull Desktop 8.0 is Here!

The Features of Futures Trading

New Features for Futures: Customizable Tick Charts, TurboTrader Futures, Paper Trading, and more.

Active Traders Get More Active

New indicator: TPO. You can view the time-price distribution over a period of time.

Just Relax... Relax Mode is Here

New tool for break mode. Set audio updates on price changes so you don't miss a move.
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In-Depth Quotes

Webull offers an extensive range of subscription services, including NASDAQ's US stock quotes and CME's futures and options quotes. Our desktop platform presents quotes in multiple formats for your convenience, while our large screen display ensures effortless access to comprehensive archived data.
In-Depth Quotes
Advanced Analysis+

Advanced Analysis+

Analyzing target companies using charts, financial statements, etc. Discover the power of Advanced Charting+, complete with technical signals, indicators, and intuitive line-drawing tools.

Market Screeners

Build Your Own Stock Screener. Select different Regions, Exchanges, Patterns and Indicators. Save, Update, and adjust your custom screeners at any time
Market Screeners


Customizable buttons and enhanced shortcut operations streamline position and order management. With TurboTrader, users can complete operations effortlessly with just one click, maximizing efficiency and precision in trading.

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