Fumi Technology is a provider of global financial data and trading services for individuals looking for a better investment platform.
Webull, the leading product within our suite, covers the five major tradable assets from 106 exchanges,
which contain more than 100,000 investment vehicles from over 90 countries.
With our data centers around the world, we can facilitate our customers with tick-by-tick market data, rapid and
cost efficient trading services, and a comprehensive spectrum of financial market tools.
The understanding and vision over the financial ecosystem is to keep solemnity and gratitude in mind with investors. Webull means that anyone is insignificant to the market so never try to control it, hence it is better to keep a steady rise of bull market rather than a ferocious one, and keeping natural and harmonious combinations between investors and the market. We will always keep a humble profile before customers and the market, to toe the line, to keep simple.
Leadership Team
The core team members of Fumi Technology have all held senior positions with groundbreaking firms such as Alibaba, Xiaomi, Huawei, Bloomberg and many other well-known technology and financial institutions. The accumulated experience and knowledge of our team fosters original ideas and a unique understanding of the user’s interactions with the global financial marketplace.
  • Anquan Wang
    Founder & CEO, abundant work experience in financial technology. Used to work in Alibaba, Hengfeng Bank, and Xiaomi. Core builder of Alibaba Finance, Internet Financial Asset Exchange Department of Hengfeng Bank, and Xiaomi Finance; established Fumi Technology in March 2016.
  • Anthony M. Denier
    CEO of Webull Financial LLC. Anthony has 17 years of senior management, trading, and compliance expertise on Wall Street. He started his career as a sales trader at Credit Suisse in New York City and was at the forefront of the then burgeoning electronic trading platforms of the time. Mr. Denier then continued to expand the global trading platforms of Jones Trading, ING Securities, and most recently, was CEO of LXM USA LLP.
  • Shen Lu
    COO of Webull Financial LLC. Shen has 20 years of working experience on Wall Street, with a career that spans technology, compliance, and trading. He joined Fidelity Investments in 2000 as a systems architect and then ascended to equity trader. Mr. Lu then held technology management positions with UBS, Goldman Sachs. In 2012, Shen joined the electronic trading team of Getco/KCG Group as sales trader for Algorithmic trading products and most recently, Mr. Lu was head of trading operation for Direct Match, a US Treasury broker dealer.
  • Weibo Li
    CDO. Having worked at headquarters of Bloomberg for 15 years and headquarters of CITIC Securities for 4 years, Li has rich experience in data and trading business. Li joined Fumi Technology in 2016 and serves as CDO of Fumi Technology.
Founding of Fumi Technology
Establishment of US and HK Data Centers
Launched quotation service
Completed 50 million RMB angel round financing
Launched trading service
Won a place in Time Square
Completed 100 million RMB A round financing

Toronto Stock Exchange

Euronext Paris Stock Exchange

Bombay Stock Exchange

India National Stock Exchange

Swiss Exchange

Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange

Australian Securities Exchange

OMX Stockholm Stock Exchange

Taiwan Stock Exchange

BM&F Bovespa

OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange

Euronext Brussels Stock Exchange

Bolsa Mexicana de Valores

OMX Helsinki Stock Exchange

Oslo Stock Exchange

Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Euronext Lisbon Stock Exchange

TSX Venture Exchange

OMX Iceland Stock Exchange

NYSE Archipelago Exchange

Canadian National Stock Exchange

ICE Futures Europe - Commodities

ICE Futures Europe - Financials




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New York, United States