Recurring Investments in Stock/ETF
Recurring investments can help you reach long-term goals during the market fluctuations.
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For example, investors A and B decided to invest $800 each in Stock XYZ eight months ago. Investor A invested the total sum when the stock was trading at $10, holding 80 shares. In contrast, investor B set up a recurring investment of $100 monthly. Eight months later, he holds about 98 shares at an average cost per share of $8.16. Please note that this example is for illustrative purposes only. The value of securities may fluctuate.

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What is a
recurring investment?
A recurring investment is a tool that allows investors to make investments on a regular schedule of your choice. Investors can choose how much and how often they'd like to invest. Market orders are placed based on a set schedule.
Main Benefits of Recurring Investment
Steady portfolio growth

Recurring investments ensure you spread your investments over time, allowing you to grow your portfolio with new funds consistently.

Better managed risks

Recurring investments can help manage the impacts and risks of a volatile market. Spreading out your investments can potentially smooth out the ups and downs of the market.

More disciplined investing

Focus on long-term accumulation by investing with discipline regardless of market conditions. By setting up recurring investments, the amount you invest is predetermined and not based on emotion.

Recurring Investment FAQs
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