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Webull Options Trading

With the wide array of options and complex options strategies offered by Webull, you have the freedom to explore and capitalize on opportunities across different markets, asset classes and strategies that align with your investment goals, capital exposure, and risk tolerance.
ETF Options

ETF Options

Forecast the performance of index and sector exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
Index Options

Index Options

NDX, SPX, XND, XSP and other domestic index options.
Equity Options

Equity Options

Utilize equity options strategies to predict and anticipate the market movement of individual stocks.

No Commission & Low Contract Fees

Trade Options with Webull without contract fees or commissions for stock & ETF options. Only $0.55 per contract on index options, and the most competitive margin rates in the industry.
Contract fees
20 puts/calls​
(20 total contracts)​
20 Verticals​
(40 total contracts)​
20 Iron Condors​
(80 total contracts)​
$0 ​
$0.65 ​
$13.00 ​
$26.00 ​
$52.00 ​
Charles Schwab
$0 ​
$0.65 ​/ $0.50​
per contract
$10.00 - $13.00​
$20.00 - $26.00​
$40.00 - $52.00​
per contract​
$0 ​
$10.00 ​
$20.00 ​
$40.00 ​
$0 ​
$0 ​
$0 ​
$0 ​
$0 ​
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Webull’s Powerful Trading Platform

Analyze risk, see probabilities, simplify your trading! Build your ultimate options trading experience with our powerful platform, various tools and customizable widgets.
Customizable Options Trading

Customizable Options Trading

Generate options orders effortlessly using our user friendly options chain and create multi-complex strategies.

Traders can quickly filter options and trade them immediately with our TurboTrader Options widget - view market depth, quickly execute entry orders, and pre-determined exits from a single interface in Price Ladder trading.

Trade Options on All Webull Platforms

Experience the power of our innovative and customizable trading platform.

Webull Mobile App

Stay on top of the markets and your accounts wherever you go.

Webull WebTrade

Research, execute, and manage your trades quickly and easily without any downloads.
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Webull Advanced Options Trading

All new registrants receive complimentary Level 2 Quotes (Nasdaq TotalView) access and 1-month complimentary OPRA and CSMI data access for all traders who trade once a month. Learn more >>

Options Strategy Builder

You can create multi-legged combination orders on the fly and access predefined combinations like straddles, strangles, butterflies, and condors.

Simply point to the first desired strike, and the tool will automatically adjust to select the remaining legs.
Options Strategy Builder
Options Chain

Options Chain

Powerful tools to analyze and filter options chains, and monitor existing positions through our comprehensive tools.

Options Statistics

View detailed metrics on options pricing (delta, theta), implied volatility, and expected volatility, and more.

Options Scanner

Set custom options search filters to find contracts sorted by price, volatility, and time to expiration.

Probability Analysis

Analyze the risk of an underlying outlook for an earnings release or any catalyst by running our probability analysis.

Options Calculator

Helps traders assess the potential outcomes of your strategies by inputting key variables. The calculator provides valuable information to help you make more informed decisions.

Seller Center

Collect premiums as income by selling put options. This tool helps you easily screen for puts to sell and includes an ROI tool that screens for covered calls.

Options Screener

Quickly filter and identify potential options trading opportunities based on indicators like expiration date, type quotes, volume, and probability analysis.

Options Paper Trading

Practice and test your options strategies in a risk-free environment. Learn market dynamics, experience, and build confidence before entering the live trading arena.
Options Calculator
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Webull Options Trading Permissions

Eligible traders can gain access to up to four levels of options trading permissions, providing a wide range of strategies to align with your trading goals.
Options level
Level 1​
•   Covered calls•   Buy writes•   Cash-secured puts
Level 2​
Everything in Level 1
•   Long calls and puts•   Straddles•   Strangles
•   Covered puts•   Protective puts•   Collar
Level 3​
(available to margin accounts)
Everything in Level 1 & 2
•   Credit spreads•   Butterfly•   Diagonal spreads
•   Debit spreads•   Condor•   Iron condor
•   Calendar spreads•   Iron butterfly
Level 4
(available to margin accounts)
Everything in Level 1, 2, & 3
•   Naked calls and puts
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