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  • 0 commission and 0 contract fees for equity options
  • Free real time OPRA and index data
  • Multiple trading strategies
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Pay No Contract Fees

0 commissions, 0 contract fees for equity options, 0 assignment or exercise fees and no minimum deposit. No matter what options strategy or lot size you like, you'll never pay fees per leg.
Opening CommissionsTo Close
20 Puts/Calls
single leg
20 Verticals
two legs
20 Iron Condors
four legs
Regulatory, exchange, and index option fees may apply.

Complimentary Real-Time Market Data

Get real time OPRA data after opening an option trading account. Webull is now partnered with Cboe to provide Cboe Global Indices Feed when you sign up.

Choose Your Option Trading Strategies

11 option trading strategies to choose from on Webull, including single option, covered stock, straddle, butterfly, iron condor, etc.
Single Option
Covered Stock
Iron Butterfly
Iron Condor

Access to Smart Trading Tools

Customizable option chain, multi leg option quotes and real time chart. An intuitive interface & multiple research tools make it easy to use for all options traders.

Build Your Options Knowledge

Become a more confident investor with our educational resources. Connect with others in the community. Discuss market trends and trading strategies.

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Webull desktop and mobile app can help you get started with options trading.
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Option trading

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Options FAQs

What is an option?

An option is a contract between a buyer and a seller. It gives the buyers (the owner or holder of the option) the opportunity to buy or sell the underlying asset at a specific strike price prior to or on a specified date. Options can provide investors with more opportunities than traditional equity buy/sell strategies.

What are the Advantages and Risks of Options?

Can I trade complex option strategies on Webull’s desktop?

Option trading entails significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. Only eligible accounts may trade options. Investors can rapidly lose their entire investment in a short period of time and incur permanent loss beyond their initial deposit. Please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options before trading options. Regulatory and Exchange fees apply to options trades. If you want to know more details related to options trading, please go to options Trading FAQ of Help Center.