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In-depth quote: A foundation for you
to plan your trading strategy

Level 2 Quotes and NBBO provide detailed insights about market participants and stock price movement.

Full Order Book Depth

Buyers VS Sellers

Track Order Flows

Follow the Auction Market


Nasdaq Totalview provides the full order book depth, which is more granular than typical Level 2 data. You can access the order book depth by price levels or by individual orders to better understand how orders are distributed throughout the market.

Level 1
Level 2

Sophisticated yet intuitive trading platform

Webull is packed with advanced tools and features to help refine and implement your trading strategies.

Advanced charting

Expansive charting tools empower investors and traders to recognize the trend, analyze the fluctuation, and pursue the preferred trading strategies.

  • Popular drawings such as Trendline & Fibonacci Retracement

  • Over 50 fully customizable indicators

  • 60 Technical signals, including Classic Pattern, Candlestick Pattern, and Technical Indicator

  • 8 line styles from Candlestick to Heikin Ashi

  • Minimum granularity of ONE TICK

  • Compare a stock with another stock or an index in one chart

Evaluate before

Financial statements are integrated into the app for easy access, and data can be visualized for you to conduct fundamental analysis in a more intuitive way:

  • Income statements

  • Balance sheets

  • Cash flow statements

  • Other supplemental company reports

  • Quant Rating from professionals

  • Data visualization for financial statements

Custom Screeners

Webull Screeners help investors filter through thousands of stocks, ETFs, and options to find the best fit for their objectives. Users can apply custom filters based on fundamental and technical metrics to narrow down their search.

Price Alerts

Custom price alerts allow investors to set limits on the investing amount on a particular investment.


The calendar allows investors to easily track potential market-moving events. (Such as economic data, holidays, earnings, ex-dividend, and IPOs)

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