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New widget: Comments

Comments widget allows you to exchange views on stocks with other Webull users while trading (available in certain countries and regions).

Powerful Widgets
There are over 45 widgets available in this update. Add Charts, Options, Active Trade and other widget boxes to your screen to help analyze trends, decipher market information and ultimately, place trades more efficiently.
Build Your Trading Platform to Your Liking
With its highly customizable layout, the new desktop version allows you to rearrange, add and remove widget boxes to your liking. Personalize it to fit your needs.
In-depth Market Data
Access NASDAQ TotalView advanced quotes for a deeper look into the market. Don’t forget about the NOII (Net Order Imbalance Indicator), which provides increased transparency and insight into the true supply and demand in the market place.

Sign up with us and gain complimentary level 2 market data (Nasdaq TotalView) access for 3 months.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Promotion duration: 9/1/2020-9/30/2020.
  2. The Deposit Bonus Promotion is only applicable for Webull cash and margin accounts. Any other accounts (such as Webull IRAs) are not qualified for this.
  3. This promotion is only valid for first time Webull brokerage account deposits only. During the promotion duration, a new brokerage account holder, who make an initial deposit of $100 or more, within 30 days of signing up, will be able to claim a free stock valued between $8-$1600.
  4. Initial deposits made between 9/1/2020 – 9/30/2020 will allow the client to claim an Initial Deposit Stock valued between $8 - $1600. Deposits made before 9/1/2020 but settles sometime between 9/1/2020 – 9/3/2020 will allow the client to claim an Initial Deposit Stock valued between $12 - $1400.
  5. These reward stocks will be distributed from Webull's inventory of settled shares held specifically for this promotion. When the stocks were purchased, Webull made sure they were above the price range we promised. Due to market fluctuation, some stock values may drop from the time we made the purchase. Please understand that we do not have control over the fluctuation of the market.
  6. The Initial Deposit Stock can only be claimed when the deposited amount has settled into client’s account. Depending on the deposit method, funds may take up to 5 (five) business days to settle.
  7. Webull is not responsible if a client’s brokerage account goes into the negatives due to a failed transfer. Once a client has attempted to participate in this promotion, they will no longer be allowed to participate in any other “initial deposit” promotions.
  8. Clients who transfer a non-Webull brokerage account, with an asset of at least $2000, will be able to have their transfer fees reimbursed (up to $100). This is a ONE-TIME only offer and will only apply to client’s first account transfer. This means, if a client transfers a $500 account on a Monday, and then a $1500 account on a Tuesday, even though it adds up to $2000, they will still NOT be reimbursed. Reason being we only count the value of the first account transfer. Questions about account transfer? Please reach out to us via the HELP CENTER if you need any other clarification.
  9. Once a client has successfully transferred their non-Webull brokerage account to us, they will be required to submit proofs for the reimbursement. In order for us to issue the reimbursement, client must submit a copy of their most recent statement from their previous brokerage account with evidence of a transfer fee. Once approved, the reimbursement will be deposited directly into that Webull brokerage account within 10 business days.
  10. To submit these documents, please go to MENU >>> PROMOTION CENTER >>> DEPOSIT BONUS >>> SUBMIT MY ROLLOVER DOCUMENTS. Or, clients may send their proof in directly via cs@webull.com
  11. The promotion stock inventory is composed of stocks with a minimum market capitalization of $2.5 billion, from a US-based company and listed on NYSE or NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The odds of specific stock allocation is implied as follows: Stock in the $8/share - $30/share range, approximately 1:1.02; stock in the $30/share-$100/share range, approximately 1:52.63; stock in the $100/share - $200/share range, approximately 1:1111.11; stock in the $1000/share - $1600/share range, approximately 1:10000.
  12. Clients have 30 days after their initial deposit settles to claim their free stock. Otherwise, the free stock will expire. Webull will not reissue any expired stocks.
  13. The free stock(s), once claimed, will be credited to the client’s account within 15 trading days.
  14. Stock distributed under this promotion does not constitute a recommendation for its purchase, sale or holding.
  15. Clients may hold or sell the awarded stock(s) that has been credited to their account. Money made from the sale of the stock(s) can only be withdrawn after 30 days (from day sold). The money may be used to buy other eligible securities in the account.
  16. This promotion is valid once per SSN. If a client already has a brokerage account with us, making an initial deposit of $100 or more in a second brokerage account will not grant the client another Initial Deposit Stock.
  17. Where required by applicable rules and regulation, the monetary value of all received Webull Financial LLC offers may be reported as Other Income on Form 1099-MISC. Webull Financial LLC is not responsible for any taxes related to this stock reward program.
  18. This program is only open to U.S. residents currently living in the U.S., who are at least 18 years of age and hold a valid Social Security Number. Employees, contractors, or persons similarly associated with Webull Financial LLC or a Webull affiliate, members of their household and employees of any securities regulatory organization or exchange are not eligible for this program.
  19. At its discretion, Webull Financial LLC reserves the right to adjust the incentive program parameters.
  20. Webull Financial LLC reserves the right to decline participation of certain customers in its incentive programs.
  21. Webull Financial LLC reserves the right to terminate the incentive program at any time without notice.
  22. Other restrictions may apply and will be posted on the Webull APP or website prior to effectiveness.
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