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Fast account setup
1 Account
Multi categories
Double Protection
Login/transaction passwords
Online Customer
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Flexible and Diverse Trading Methods
Going long or short/4 times leverage/T+0 settlement/4 order types/2 validity options
Going long or short, make money in both bull and bear markets
Automated securities lending when the selling volume is larger than open interest; automated daily interest and monthly settlement;
Enjoy up to 4 times leverage
Real-time calculation of available margin buying power and dynamic calculation of the actual amount of financing based on account asset risk assessment;
Easily pocket the difference with T+0 settlement
Enjoy up to 3 times of T+0 settlement within 5 working days; enjoy unlimited T+0 settlement when the net asset of your account exceeds 110,000 USD;
4 order types and 2 validity options
Market order, limit order, stop order and stop-limit order at your choice to achieve a variety of trading strategies; options of day order and GTC order enables you to cancel the order on the same day or in the future;
Extremely Low Trading Costs
A commission from 0.01 USD per share and from 2.88 USD per trade for US stocks; a commission from 0.08% and from 45 HKD per trade for HK stocks; automated calculation of commission when placing orders.
The financing rate is from 1.86%, the minimum interest for 10,000 USD borrowed is only 0.05 USD per day (the specific interest rate is related to the amount of money you borrowed and the overnight rate). Accumulated outstanding interest is automatically calculated on a daily basis.
US Stock Commission
USD per share
HK Stock Commission
* Trading volume
Financing Rate
Rich and Legible Asset Overview
Graphical display of margin use status and automatic early warning for
inadequate net assets to reduce the risk of forced liquidation.
Multi-dimensional analysis of the current asset status including asset category (cash, US stocks, HK stocks, etc.), going long and going short, etc. to get a full grasp of asset distribution.
Daily floating P/L chart with complete historical data to provide decision-making basis.
Comprehensive Real-time Quotes
Free data covering 5 categories in 90+ countries/regions, including 25,000+ stocks, 100,000 funds, 1000+ currency pairs and 3000+ commodities; customize your own watchlist of market board
Free price trend, quotes and transaction details of objects and advanced in-depth market data available for purchase
Graphical financial data, business analysis and industry contrast make it easy for you
Investment Alternative
Countries and Regions
Stock Exchanges
Rich Tools
Customize your own watchlist of various object categories for an efficient tracking of the latest quotes
Simulate transaction with automated calculation of profit and loss based on real market price and entry of simulated transaction details.
Detailed financial calendar data provides an accurate and timely access to new listings, delisting, suspension, earnings release, dividends, ex-rights and other information.
Stock-specific candlestick chart with 14 technical indicators such as MA, EMA, BOLL, MACD, KDJ, etc.
Cross-category Search and Cross Navigation Experience
Cross-category search enables you to search for stocks, indices, funds, forex, commodities, and derivatives in the same search bar and quickly find the desired object among hundreds of thousands of objects.
The indices page automatically associates stock index futures with their corresponding constituent stocks
Fund details show the latest position details of stocks and other objects, make it easy for you to understand the trend of fund investment.