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About KNOP
KNOT Offshore Partners LP (KNOT Offshore Partners or the Partnership), owns, operates and acquires shuttle tankers under long-term charters. The Company’s vessels in its fleet are chartered to Equinor, Petrobras Transporte S.A. (Transpetro), Repsol Sinopec Brasil, S.A. (Repsol), Royal Dutch Shell plc, Var, Galp Sinopec Brazil Services B.V. (Galp), Shipping S.p.A. (ENI) and a subsidiary of KNOT. The Company had a fleet of over 16 shuttle tankers. Its shuttle tankers include the Windsor Knutsen, the Bodil Knutsen, the Recife Knutsen, the Fortaleza Knutsen, the Carmen Knutsen, the Hilda Knutsen, the Torill Knutsen, the Dan Cisne, the Dan Sabia, the Ingrid Knutsen, the Raquel Knutsen, the Tordis Knutsen, the Vigdis Knutsen, the Lena Knutsen, the Brasil Knutsen, the Anna Knutsen and the Tove Knutsen.