LexisNexis Risk Solutions 在 2021 年亚洲风险大奖中荣获“年度网络风险解决方案”
The Asia Risk Awards announced that LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has been selected as winner of the "Cyber Risk Solution of the Year" category in the Asia Risk Technology Awards 2021 program.
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The Lazard International Quality Growth Fund has been a stellar performer for investors who want to diversify outside the U.S. · 10/11 14:49
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 的 Jennifer Lemming 被 C Level Focus 杂志评为 2021 年十大最成功的 CMO
/PRNewswire/ -- is proud to announce that C Level Focus Magazine has selected , senior vice president of global marketing, as one of the Top 10 Most Successful Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of 2021. The award acknowledges exceptional marketing profession...
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看看 RELX PLC 的公允价值 (LON:REL)
How far off is RELX PLC ( LON:REL ) from its intrinsic value? Using the most recent financial data, we'll take a look...
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更新 1-矿业公司因金属走软而拉低英国股市;史密斯集团最大赢家 · 09/28 08:24
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 和 Aite-Novarica Group 的新身份管理研究表明,随着行业报告数字交易的增加,欺诈行为有所增加
A new insurance industry research study reveals that insurance carriers saw an increase in consumer digital activity across both underwriting (77%) and claims (76%) during the coronavirus pandemic and indicated this recent increase in digital activity has ...
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RELX PLC (RELX) 的近期价格趋势是您的朋友,这就是原因 · 09/20 12:50
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 与起亚美国合作,为起亚购买保险的客户释放 ADAS 的力量
Kia America has entered into an agreement to supply vehicle build data to LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, a leading data, analytics and technology provider, to help Kia owners across the U.S. potentially benefit from their cars' advanced driver assistance syst...
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福特汽车公司和 LexisNexis Risk Solutions 联手帮助美国司机最大限度地提高联网汽车的利益
LexisNexis® Risk Solutions and Ford Motor Company today announced they have entered into a strategic agreement so that Ford connected vehicle data can be available to U.S. auto insurers via the LexisNexis® Telematics Exchange. Ford and Lincoln customers wi...
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Google under new EU antitrust investigation - MLex reporter · 09/09 10:08
LexisNexis Risk Solutions 的医疗保健业务提升 Jeff Diamond 为总裁兼总经理
The Health Care business of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions announced today that Jeff Diamond has been promoted to President and General Manager, expanding his responsibilities to lead day-to-day operations for the high-growth data and analytics business.
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今年早些时候,多名内部人士购买了 RELX PLC (LON:REL) 的股票,这对股东来说是一个积极的信号
Generally, when a single insider buys stock, it is usually not a big deal. However, when several insiders are buying...
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LexisNexis 保险需求表显示美国汽车年购物率在第二季度继续上升
The latest edition of the LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Insurance Demand Meter reports the overall annual U.S. auto insurance shopping rate rose to 41.6% in Q2 2021, as market conditions over the past year spurred traditionally stable segments to shop their i...
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根据 LexisNexis Risk Solutions 的真实欺诈成本研究,美国和加拿大的零售欺诈比大流行前增加了 15%
The 12th annual LexisNexis Risk Solutions True Cost of Fraud™ Study: Ecommerce and Retail 2021 U.S. and Canada Edition provides a snapshot of current fraud trends and reveals key pain points related to merchants expanding internationally, adding new paymen...
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您是否应该考虑在为时已晚之前出售您的 RELX PLC 职位?
Cooper Investors, an investment management firm, published its “Cooper Investors Global Equities Fund (Hedged)” second quarter 2021 investor letter – a copy of which can be downloaded here. For the 3 months and 12 months to June 30th, the Fund returned 7.9...
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以下是可以帮助 RELX PLC (RELX) 保持其近期价格强度的因素 · 08/06 12:50
RELX (NYSE:RELX) declares $0.199/share dividend. Payable Sept. 13; for shareholders of record Aug. 6; ex-div Aug. 5. See RELX Dividend Scorecard, Yield Chart, & Dividend Growth.
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周二触及 52 周高位的股票
    During Tuesday's morning trading, 101 companies set new 52-week highs.
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RELX (LON:REL) 派发比去年更大的股息
RELX PLC ( LON:REL ) has announced that it will be increasing its dividend on the 8th of September to UK£0.14. This...
Simply Wall St. · 08/03 06:32
XpertHR 收购 Gapsquare 以提供高级薪酬股权解决方案
LONDON and , /PRNewswire/ -- XpertHR, the provider of expert insight and practical tools to help organizations achieve greater efficiency, reduce risk and increase employee engagement, and part of RELX, has today announced the acquisition of Gapsquare, th...
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RELX PLC是一家控股公司,该公司持有RELX Group plc(RELX Group)的权益。RELX Group是一家向各行业专业和商业客户提供信息和分析服务的服务提供商。该公司经营四个业务部门:科学、技术和医疗部门,风险与商业分析部门,法律部门和展览部门。科学、技术和医疗部门提供的信息和分析能够帮助机构和专业人员推动科学和医疗保健发展。风险与商业分析部门提供将公共和行业特定内容与技术和分析相结合的解决方案和决策工具。法律部门为法律、企业和政府专业人士提供信息和分析服务。展览部门包括励展博览集团(在30多个国家开展业务)的展览业务。