AI And Govt Bond Yields - Onwards And Upwards?
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Cooling U.S. Consumer Spending Points To Weakening Inflation Threat
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
Beware The Franco-German Spread
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Is Earnings Growth Strong Enough To Sustain The Market Rally?
Home Market Outlook: Is Earnings Growth Strong Enough To Sustain The Market Rally? Greg Bonnell and Damian Fernandes discuss the market rally. Markets have been hitting all-time highs on the promise of cooling inflation. Fernandes says a key market driver has been strong corporate earnings growth. He says the market is in a bull market in the form of strong growth.
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Weekly Report: what happened at UDN last week (0610-0614)?
Weekly Report · 5d ago
UUP: Why The Death Of The U.S. Dollar May Not Impact The Dollar Index
The U.S. Dollar index measures the dollar against a basket of reserve currencies. The trend towards de-dollarization due to geopolitical tensions may diminish the dollar's role as the world's reserve currency. The Invesco DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund ETF product tracks the dollar index, influenced by interest rate differentials and economic fundamentals.
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 17:27
CPI Services +5% Year-Over-Year - Real Or Inflated?
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 16:40
The Fed Doesn't Need To Cut Rates, But Probably Will Anyway
The economy is doing fine and the Fed doesn't need to ease monetary policy, says Christopher Yates. He says the Fed may be able to get away with one or two rate cuts. The inflation war isn't won, but the battle is probably over, he says. The outlook for the US economy appears robust.
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 12:40
FOMC Holds Rates, Revises Forward Guidance
Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) voted to hold its federal funds rate target in the 5.25-5.5 percent range on Tuesday. FOMC members also revised their forward guidance for the future path of interest rates. Fed members believe the long-run neutral real rate of interest is higher than previously thought.
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 09:56
Federal Reserve Keeps Policy Unchanged, Signals Just One Rate Cut Before Year-End
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 06:50
Inflation Relief Boosts Case For U.S. Rate Cuts
U.S. CPI finally tracking for 2%, but more good news is needed for rate cuts. A surprise 0.2% MoM core CPI inflation print in May is good news for the Fed. The Fed is expected to cut rates in September. Inflation relief is a relief after a string of high readings.
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Weekly Report: what happened at UDN last week (0603-0607)?
Weekly Report · 06/10 12:09
Softer U.S. Story Beginning To Show In FX Markets
Seeking Alpha · 06/07 13:15
The Dollar Remains King
U.S. Dollar has remained dominant as the king of currencies for the past 50 years. The most important precondition for the dollar to lose its dominance would be a viable alternative currency. The threat of sanctions is a significant driver of the angst against the dollar's dominance. The dollar is not at risk of losing its crown.
Seeking Alpha · 06/07 09:00
Gold And Inflation: An Unstable Relationship
Seeking Alpha · 06/06 08:20
Weekly Market Pulse: The Fed's Conundrum
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Weekly Market Pulse: The Fed's Conundrum. Last week was a volatile one for markets, with big swings in stocks and bonds in a holiday-shortened week. Interest rates shot up 18 basis points on Tuesday and Wednesday. The economic data didn't appear to be out of the expected range.
Seeking Alpha · 06/03 14:05
Weekly Report: what happened at UDN last week (0527-0531)?
Weekly Report · 06/03 12:12
Election News Lift India But Weigh On Mexico
Election News Lift India But Weigh On Mexico. The dollar has returned from the weekend with a better bid tone. A dramatic victory for the Morena party in Mexico has spurred sales of the Mexican peso. The Indian rupee is stronger as Modi appears to have broadened his support since the election.
Seeking Alpha · 06/03 11:20
Inflation Continued To Decline In April
Inflation ticked down further in April, according to new data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Core inflation, which excludes volatile food and energy prices, has also declined. Inflation has exceeded the Fed’s average inflation target since January 2020. FOMC members will almost certainly vote to hold their target rate constant at June's meeting.
Seeking Alpha · 06/02 16:17
The Role Of Safe Haven Currencies
The dollar, Swiss franc, and Japanese yen are among the most commonly cited safe haven currencies. Investors expect a safe haven currency to retain or increase in value during times of market turmoil. Investors tend to look for countries with economic and financial stability when considering a currency's safe haven status. CME Group: Safe haven currencies are an important component in a global investors' toolbox.
Seeking Alpha · 05/29 07:55
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