Fed Strengthens View of Economy While Keeping Rates Near Zero
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and his colleagues upgraded their assessment of the U.S. economy but said they were not yet ready to consider scaling back pandemic support.
Bloomberg · 04/28 18:00
A $246 Billion Bonanza Means Stock ETF Inflows Already Beat 2020
In less than four months, investors have already poured more cash into ETFs tracking U.S. stocks than they did in all of 2020.
Bloomberg · 04/28 16:30
SEC Punts Long-Awaited Bitcoin ETF Decision to at Least June
Crypto advocates will have to wait a while longer for the U.S. regulator’s verdict on Bitcoin exchange-traded fund approval as applications pile up.
Bloomberg · 04/28 16:18
UPDATE - SP Funds Available to LPL Financial Advisors
LAKE MARY, Fla., March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- North America’s largest family of Sharia-compliant ETFs is now accessible to LPL Financial affiliated advisors. SP Funds, known for their rigorous adherence to Sharia-compliant guidelines, were added to t...
GlobeNewswire · 03/23 14:19
LPL Financial adds SP-Funds to Trading Platform
LAKE MARY, Fla., March 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- North America’s largest family of Sharia-compliant ETF’s can now be purchased through LPL Financial platforms. SP Funds, known for their rigorous adherence to Sharia-compliant guidelines, was added to the...
GlobeNewswire · 03/11 21:14
Investors Poured Record $86 Billion Into Equity ETFs in February
Bloomberg · 03/01 15:56
Muni Bond Managers Beaten by Index Funds Eye a 2021 Comeback
Bloomberg · 03/01 15:00
Yes, Bond ETFs Can Go Haywire. But That’s a Good Thing, Says BIS
Critics of the passive-investing boom in bonds warn about the risks stemming from the mismatch between highly tradable ETFs and the illiquid securities they hold.
Bloomberg · 03/01 12:00
As a Treasuries Rout Went Global, China’s Bonds Shone on Alone
As investors fled almost every fixed-income asset from the safest government bonds to the highest-yielding securities last week, one market stood out as a haven.
Bloomberg · 03/01 11:00
Cathie Wood’s Power in Some Stocks Is Even Bigger Than It Seems
A rough week for Cathie Wood is reminding Wall Street that Ark Investment Management has a lot of cash in not that many companies. In fact, the firm’s dominance in some stocks may be even greater than it seems.
Bloomberg · 02/27 21:00
Cathie Wood’s Funds Stabilize After Record Investor Outflows
Bloomberg · 02/24 13:17
Cathie Wood Buys the 13% Dip in Tesla as ARKK Slips Again
Tuesday morning’s plunge in popular technology stocks offered a rare discounted buying opportunity for true believers. Cathie Wood was among them.
Bloomberg · 02/23 22:49
Cathie Wood Fan Club Faces Big Test as Ark Funds Extend Rout
The biggest slide in months for Cathie Wood’s funds is testing the resolve of investors who plowed billions of dollars into one of the hottest firms on Wall Street.
Bloomberg · 02/23 17:48
SPAC, Hedge Fund, Growth Stock Pain Builds in $1 Trillion Rout
Casualties are piling up across the stock market as bond yields rise.
Bloomberg · 02/23 16:43
Momentum Trade Sinks as Bernstein Warns on Record Valuations
Bloomberg · 02/23 14:44
A New ETF Seeks to Short Volatility While Dodging Total Wipeout
Exchange-traded products that bet against stock volatility have a history of blowing up. A New York-based firm is pitching a novel solution to the problem.
Bloomberg · 02/23 14:42
Invesco’s CEO Sees Opportunity in China, Risk in Bitcoin and SPACs
Martin Flanagan, head of the $1.3 trillion money manager since 2005, talks about how the pandemic has changed business.
Bloomberg · 02/23 11:00
Gold Eases After Sharp Gain With Powell’s Testimony in Focus
Gold eased after two days of gains as investors awaited testimony from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, and weighed the prospect of a large U.S. stimulus package moving closer to approval.
Bloomberg · 02/23 10:27
Cathie Wood’s Ark ETF Tumbles as Rates Spike Rips High-Flyers
The spike in Treasury yields that’s rekindled inflation concern dealt another blow to some of the stock market’s highest flyers.
Bloomberg · 02/22 21:34
Bond ETFs of Every Flavor Hammered by Building Inflation Bets
Exchange-traded funds across the bond spectrum are bleeding assets as investors brace for higher inflation.
Bloomberg · 02/22 17:26
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