GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations GDP and PCE data this week: Core CPI and Core PCe data for April ’24. The more telling aspect of inflation is “inflation expectations” The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Data for May 24, 2024 will be released.
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Weekly Report: what happened at RINF last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Flash PMI Data Signals Steep Acceleration Of U.S. Growth Midway Through Second Quarter
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Navigating Inflation: The FOMC's Single Mandate
The FOMC is more concerned about the risk of inflation than the state of the labor market. Unemployment remains low and is not a major concern for the Federal Open Market Committee. The focus is on achieving the inflation mandate rather than the employment mandate. Inflation has not materialized and the unemployment rate remains sub-4%.
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Is The Yield Curve Still Relevant? An Economist Clarifies
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The 'Good News' On Inflation
Bonds and stocks rallied last week on the back of two good inflation reports. The dollar surged and inflation expectations fell. Inflation expectations are consistent with expectations prior to and just after the 2008 financial crisis. The 5-year inflation breakevens fell by 2 basis points last week.
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Weekly Market Pulse: Ch-Ch-Changes
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Weekly Report: what happened at RINF last week (0513-0517)?
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What An Improving U.S. Inflation Outlook Could Mean For The Fed's Rate Cut Timeline
Seeking Alpha · 05/16 18:30
6 Of 8 Fed Inflation Categories Are Above The 12-Month Trend
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April's Disinflation Delivery
Consumer price inflation fell for the second straight month in April. JLG Gutierrez: Inflation remains high, disinflation continued in April but is slowing. He says money supply and interest rates and the money supply are growing faster than growth of the economy. Gutierrez says it's difficult to conclude monetary policy is loose or tight.
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3 Things - CPI, The Stock Market 'Casino' And Stagflation
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis 3 Things - CPI, The Stock Market 'Casino' And Stagflation. Wednesday's CPI report was a big relief for the Fed after 4 consecutive upside surprises. Inflation continues to move in the right direction, but unemployment is well below trend. Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports calls the stock market a casino.
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Beneath The Skin Of April CPI Inflation: 6-Month Core CPI Hits 4%, 6-Month Core Services CPI Hits 6%, Both Highest Since Mid-2023
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U.S. Inflation: Work In Progress
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'Higher For Longer': The Market Is Over It... You Should Be Too
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April CPI Report: Finally, Some Good Inflation News
April CPI reading delivered the first (slight) downside inflation surprise since the turn of the year. Headline inflation slowed to in April, the first cooling in six months. Core inflation also eased to the lowest level since April 2021. Retail sales also came in weaker than expected in April.
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AIER Everyday Price Index Rises For Fifth Consecutive Month
AIER Everyday Price Index Rises For Fifth Consecutive Month in April 2024. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for April 2024 on May 15, 2024. In April 2024, fourteen constituents of the Everyday Price index rose in price. The largest increases were in motor fuel, food away from home, and personal care services.
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How The Fed Uses Quantitative Tightening To Address Inflation
Seeking Alpha · 05/15 06:10
PPI Inflation Acts Up In A Nasty Way, Spikes After Big Downward Revisions
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 19:25
Disinflation Expected To Resume In April CPI Report
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 15:50
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