Options Frenzy Powers Biggest Tech ETF Inflow Since Dot-Com Boom
A surge in options trading fueled the biggest inflow in two decades for one of the world’s largest exchange-traded funds.
Bloomberg · 03/23 17:22
Market Timers in S&P 500 Pay a High Price for Perfect Prescience
About $22 trillion of wealth was created in U.S. stocks, roughly the country’s total annual output. An exchange-traded fund tracking the airline industry has more than doubled. At least 45 companies in the S&P 500 have surged by more than 200%, including T...
Bloomberg · 03/23 14:40
U.K.’s Sunak Declares Global Deal on Corporate Taxation Is Within Reach
An international deal to agree new rules on corporate taxation is within reach, U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said, offering the prospect of fresh clarity for businesses operating digitally across borders.
Bloomberg · 03/23 13:47
Cathie Wood Has Billions in Tesla. ARKK Still Struggles With ESG
As billions pour in, Wood’s ETF gets a below-average ESG rating from Jefferies’ analysts
Bloomberg · 03/23 12:14
Niche ETFs Are Winning Over Chinese Investors
There are more thematic exchange-traded funds than broad index ETFs for the first time since China’s ETF market started in 2003.
Bloomberg · 03/22 21:00
Bond Dip Buyers Emerge After Treasury Selloff Hits Record Speed
Bloomberg · 03/22 19:52
Death of a Treasury Bull Market Rocks Faith in Market Winners
Stocks may be catching a breather in Monday trading, but the aftershocks from the sharpest bond selloff in almost five decades are set to reverberate across investing strategies hitched to the cheap-money era.
Bloomberg · 03/22 16:11
Anthony Scaramucci Is Backing the Latest Bid for a Bitcoin ETF
The race for the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. is heating up, with another well-known name joining the bandwagon: Anthony Scaramucci.
Bloomberg · 03/22 13:24
BlackRock Cuts Fees on $7.6 Billion Style ETFs to Near Zero
BlackRock Inc.’s revamped $7.6 billion lineup of style ETFs will feature new benchmarks, different tickers and a perk: rock-bottom fees.
Bloomberg · 03/22 12:36
Gold Gains From Near Two-Month Low as Dollar Strength Eases
Gold climbed from near the lowest in more than two months as the dollar weakened, having been pummeled by further signs of a strong economic recovery.
Bloomberg · 02/18 09:25
ETFs Get Trippy in the Shroom Sector
Bloomberg · 02/18 09:00
BOJ’s Record Stock Gains Add Pressure for Flexibility on ETFs
Trillions of yen worth of unrealized gains in just the last few weeks are likely to add pressure on the Bank of Japan to rethink how it buys Japanese stock funds at a policy review next month.Paper gains on the BOJ’s holdings of exchange-traded funds hit a...
Bloomberg · 02/18 02:19
Ark ETF, Tesla Stumble as Surging Rates Weigh on Market Darlings
The quickest rise in bond yields in three years is starting to dim the appeal of some stock-market darlings.
Bloomberg · 02/17 20:20
Bitwise Debuts First DeFi Fund Amid Boom in Crypto Frontier
Exposure to one of the fastest growing and most controversial corners of the crypto world is now available in an index fund format.
Bloomberg · 02/17 16:18
Short Interest in Biggest Credit ETF Jumps to Covid-Panic Level
Investors are building bets against the largest corporate debt exchange-traded funds as spreads shrink and interest rates rise.
Bloomberg · 02/17 16:13
Reddit Is Chief Suspect as Volatility ETF Swells to $2.6 Billion
The world’s largest volatility ETF topped $2.5 billion in assets for the first time, prompting speculation that Reddit traders have turned their attention to betting on market turmoil.
Bloomberg · 02/17 15:26
Cathie Wood’s ‘Phenomenal Rise’ Brings ETF Assets to $60 Billion
Bloomberg · 02/17 14:29
ESG Funds Need to Shrink Their Carbon Footprint Faster
The investing public is losing patience with slow-motion climate strategies.
Bloomberg · 02/17 11:00
Vaccine Rollouts Cloud Covid-19 Testing Industry Outlook
It was a revealing moment for one of the biggest U.S. processors of Covid-19 tests last week when Laboratory Corp of America Holdings Chief Executive Officer Adam Schechter said business in that service may decline by as much as half this year.
Bloomberg · 02/17 10:00
BOJ Should Avoid ETF Buys Fueling Stock Bubble, Ex-Official Says
A three-decade high for Japan’s soaring stocks is adding to pressure on the Bank of Japan to tweak its buying of exchange-traded funds, according to the former head of its financial markets department.
Bloomberg · 02/16 21:00
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