Cyclical value and small caps are set to outperform, according to Stifel’s 6-month outlook
Cyclical value and small caps are set to outperform in the first half of 2024, according to stifel’s 6-month outlook. Economic growth is expected to rebound with the fed on hold, says the report. Cyclical value rally triggered by better economic growth, stubborn inflation, and the fed being on hold.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Top 10 trades for 2024 - BofA
Bofa calls for the s&p 500 to end 2024 at 5,000, up around 9% from current levels. Bofa securities strategist michael hartnett also names his top 10 trades for 2024. The strategist says the stock market can push higher next year, but it will be a tough year.
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Weekly Report: what happened at KBE last week (1127-1201)?
Weekly Report · 4d ago
CEO JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Speaking At NYT/Dealbook Summit Says We Should Engage With China, Good For American Bank To Be There; Always Talking To China About Right Way To Deal With Security Risk
Benzinga · 11/29 14:42
JP Morgan President Daniel Pinto Says He Expects U.S. Bank Consolidation To Continue
Benzinga · 11/28 16:26
Fed's Bowman Says Baseline Outlook Is That US Central Bank Will Need To Increase Interest Rates Further To Keep Policy Sufficiently Restrictive; Inflation Remains High, Recent Progress Uneven
Benzinga · 11/28 15:47
Weekly Report: what happened at KBE last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 11/27 12:04
'Fidelity International CEO Anne Richards Unexpectedly Steps Down; Anne Richards To Stay At The Investment Company As Vice Chair; Company Didn't Name Successor Or Give Timeframe For Handover' - Bloomberg News
Fidelity international chief executive officer anne richards is stepping down after five years. Richards will remain at the firm as a vice chair. Succession plans "will be communicated at a later date," the company says. The asset manager is without an immediate replacement.
Benzinga · 11/20 16:16
KBRA Releases Q3 2023 U.S. Bank Compendium And 2024 Outlook; Remains Confident That The Vast Majority Of Rated Names Will Perform Adequately In This Uncertain Economic Environment With Their Ratings Unchanged
Kbra releases third-quarter 2023 u.s. Bank compendium and 2024 outlook. Kbra's outlook for the banking industry is stable, amid overall sound fundamentals. The report includes analysis of 3q23 results for banks with kbra long-term ratings.
Benzinga · 11/20 15:09
Magnificent 7 account for nearly a fifth of global stock market influence
Tech consumer magnificent 7 account for nearly a fifth of global stock market influence. Apple, amazon, google, microsoft and others account for almost all the rally in the s&p 500 this year. Jefferies: u.s. Accounts for 45.6% of the msci world index.
Seeking Alpha · 11/20 13:41
Weekly Report: what happened at KBE last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 12:01
U.S. Treasurys: Steady Income Into A Slowdown
The unsustainable state of the u.s. Fiscal budget is leading to a significant increase in the issuance of treasury bonds. The assurance of a steady income from treasurys makes them attractive amid an uncertain outlook. The government is spending nearly as much on interest payments as on major programs.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 06:55
Should You Invest in the Invesco KBW Bank ETF (KBWB)?
NASDAQ · 11/16 11:20
Bank Stocks Are on the Move. What Can Send Them Even Higher.
Lower bond yields may give bank stocks a boost, an analyst says. Bank stocks surged tuesday as inflation data pushed yields lower. A drop in bond yields could help banks unwind unrealized losses on their bond portfolios. The drop in yields could boost bank stocks in other ways, too.
Barron‘s · 11/16 07:30
Bank Stocks Soar on Inflation News. Just Why Is Complicated.
Bank stocks are on pace for their best day in nearly two years. The spdr s&p bank etf is up 6.5% after better-than-expected inflation data. The consumer price index climbed 3.2% in october, less than expected. Cooling inflation means the federal reserve is under less pressure to raise interest rates.
Barron‘s · 11/14 19:38
Fund managers haven't liked bonds this much since the Financial Crisis - BofA
Fund managers are the most overweight in bonds since early 2009, according to the latest bofa survey. The november fund managers survey shows a drop in cash levels to a two-year low of 4.7% of assets under management. Money managers are pushing big bets into bonds and coming around to equities.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 18:38
Regional bank stocks soar after consumer price inflation eases in October
Regional bank stocks soar after consumer price inflation eases in october. The kbw nasdaq regional bank index rose as much as 8.4% in tuesday trading. The banks making the biggest gains were among those that sank during the march banking turmoil. Consumer price inflation came in cooler than expected in october, traders say.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 16:41
Weekly Report: what happened at KBE last week (1106-1110)?
Weekly Report · 11/13 11:52
US Banks Are Struggling With $650 Billion In Unrealized Losses On Bond Holdings — Here's How They Can Get Out
American banks are facing $650 billion in unrealized losses on their bond investments. The losses resulted from banks pouring trillions into low-yield treasury bonds before the federal reserve's rate hikes. The surge in interest rates has caused the value of these bonds to plummet. Earlier failures of banks were partly due to their bond holdings.
Benzinga · 11/12 14:46
VettaFi Voices On: Third-Quarter Earnings Season
NASDAQ · 11/10 19:32
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