The State Of REITs: November 2023 Edition
Reits averaged a -5.31% total return in october and have now fallen to a double-digit negative total return year to date. Data centers were the only reit property type to average a positive total return. Self-storage (-10.27%) and multifamily (-9.52%) underperformed all other property types. In october 26.80% of reit securities had a positive return with only 5.6% in the black.
Seeking Alpha · 2h ago
Opportunities In Private Credit: Stepping In As Banks Step Out
Banks are retrenching amid liquidity constraints, regulatory scrutiny, and higher cost structures. As banks pull back, demand for capital is outpacing supply, providing the best potential opportunities in private credit since the gfc. We expect increasing opportunities are likely in specialty finance, senior corporate loans, and commercial real estate.
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Homeownership Slips Out Of Reach For Many U.S. Buyers In The West And East Coast Regions
Homes in 29 states are unaffordable to the median household, marking the first time a majority of states have below-average affordability. In these 29 states, the median household cannot afford a median-priced home. Western and northeast states are among the most unaffordable, while the great plains and upper midwest remain the most affordable.
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I Am Buying Apartment REITs Hand Over Fist
Major private equity groups are investing in the reit sector. They are buying apartment reits at 60-70 cents on the dollar. High yield landlord is a leading expert on the apartment real estate sector. I am buying apartment reit shares at 60 to 70 cents per share.
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Peek Under The Hood: IYR Has 12% Upside
NASDAQ · 1d ago
Weekly Report: what happened at IYR last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Macro: Thanksgiving Week Releases
Chicago fed activities index shows an expected drop in october versus strong september. Existing home sales sales are down again and inventory is up. Unemployment claims were the best number of the week. Fuel prices are continuing down and are expected to continue to fall in the coming months.
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A November To Remember
U.s. Equity markets continued their rally into the thanksgiving week. Benchmark interest rates held steady around two-month lows. S&p 500 gained another 1.0% this week, while the tech-heavy nasdaq 100 advanced 0.9%. Real estate equities finished modestly higher this week. Hoya capital real estate economic data.
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REITs continue to gain ahead of holiday season
Financials reits continue to gain ahead of holiday season. Consumers spent $5.6b online on thanksgiving day, up 5.5% from last year. Initial jobless claims decreased and mortgage applications rose to highest level in 6 weeks. Thanksgiving sales and strong macroeconomic data helped the broader markets.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Listed Real Estate: Searching For Positive Signals While Reviewing The Case For REITs
Reit index performance can be a leading indicator for the asset class as a whole. Asset allocation recorded a strong quarter for listed real estate. Global commercial real estate valuations have been falling since the beginning of the year. Reits are showing signs of resurgence.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
Home Sales Collapse, Prices Drop Further, Supply Jumps. People Are Finally On Buyers' Strike
National median price of existing homes of all types dropped to $391,800, down by 5.1% from the peak in june 2022. Sales of previously owned houses, condos, and co-ops in october have collapsed to levels not seen since the housing bust. Active listings jumped by 5% for the month to 737,000.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
JRI: Real Assets Belong In Your Portfolio, But This Distribution Looks Strained
The nuveen real asset income and growth fund specializes in investing in real assets such as real estate, infrastructure, and energy distribution systems. Short-term performance of real estate assets has been adversely affected by high mortgage costs and reduced demand for office space. Despite short-term fluctuations, real assets provide long-term protection against inflation. The fund offers a high yield of 9.68%. The fund's net asset value continues to decline, causing concern over the sustainability of its distribution.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 16:01
Will Markets Stay Irrational In 2024?
Desmond lachman: over the past year, the s&p 500 has rallied by almost 20 percent despite troubling underlying economic and political fundamentals. He says the key question for investors is whether markets will continue to ignore those fundamentals in the year ahead. He says the fragility of the us and world financial system in a high interest rate environment is a concern.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 02:25
Notable ETF Inflow Detected - IYR, PLD, AMT, EQIX
NASDAQ · 11/20 15:48
Weekly Report: what happened at IYR last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 10:05
Disinflation Is Back
U.s. Equity markets extended their rebound to a third-straight week. S&p 500 gained 2.4% this week as benchmark interest rates dipped to lowest levels since september. Real estate equities have roared back to life, with equity reits and mortgage reit's each up 4.7%. Cpi and ppi reports showed an encouraging cooldown of inflationary pressures in october.
Seeking Alpha · 11/19 14:00
Macro factors, solid Q3 earnings push REITs up
Reits gained in the week ended nov. 17 on the back of a 'likely no more rate hikes scenario' and solid q3 earnings results. Homebuilder, real estate, mortgage reit stocks surged after cpi report indicated inflation is continuing to ease. Infrastructure and office reits were the biggest gainers of the week.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 17:00
No Bad Sentiment In The Northeast
Nahb's housing market index dropped to 34 in november and is only three points above the low from last december. Regional homebuilder sentiment was more peculiar with historic declines in the midwest, west, and south. The northeast went in the complete opposite direction as sentiment rose by 7 points.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 05:30
Top 10 best-performing Real Estate stocks so far in 2023
Real estate sector has led all 11 s&p segments higher on a one-week performance basis. Seeking alpha has compiled a top 10 list of best performing real estate-focused stocks so far in 2023. Each of the top 10 have outperformed the s-p 500 in the past year.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 15:26
Losers Of REIT Earnings Season
Part 2 of our earnings recap focuses on the worst-performing property sectors of reit earnings season. Part 1 of the recap focused on the winners of the earnings season: retail, hotel, and healthcare reits. This week, we look at the losers: residential, office, mortgage, and self-storage reits.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 15:00
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