The Greenback Is Mostly Softer
The dollar is still mostly softer against the G10 currencies, but is slightly firmer against the Japanese yen. US index futures are signaling a firm return from the long weekend. Most Asia Pacific equity markets slipped today. Gold is trading within yesterday's range. Japan reported that April retail sales rose by less than expected.
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Should iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF (IVW) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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U.S. Presidential Election: Implications For Investors
Kim Parlee speaks with William Priest and Kevin Hebner about the implications for investors of the upcoming US presidential election. Priest and Hebner write a report on what the election results could mean for investors. They discuss the law of globalization and the impact it could have on the global economy.
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Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality?
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality? A recent poll finds 56% believe the US economy is in recession. 58% blame the Biden administration for the current state of the economy. What really matters for investors is the economy itself, not how markets react to it.
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GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations GDP and PCE data this week: Core CPI and Core PCe data for April ’24. The more telling aspect of inflation is “inflation expectations” The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Data for May 24, 2024 will be released.
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Holiday Overview: The State Of Play
The US dollar traded mostly higher last week. The dollar traded above JPY157 for the first time since May 1. The US 10-year yield bottomed near in mid-May and reached last week to test the 20-day moving average. Sterling reached a two-month high near $.
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The Economy And The Treasury Yield Curve Decoupled, But Save The Rally
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Weekly Report: what happened at IVW last week (0520-0524)?
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Growth Stocks Demonstrating Resilience
Two years ago, growth stocks were one of the hardest-hit investment styles. The Russell 1000 growth is up nearly 11%, beating the market. Year-to-date, stocks are proving resilient in the face of higher interest rates and more muted expectations for monetary easing. The big difference between 2022 and today is a more benign economic backdrop.
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Flash PMI Data Signals Steep Acceleration Of U.S. Growth Midway Through Second Quarter
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S&P 500: A Warning From The July Top, Week Starting 27th May (Technical Analysis)
S&P 500 held the 5264 re-test of the March high on Thursday. The "engulfing" bar from Thursday is a danger sign, last seen at a 52-week high in July 2023. The last time the S&p 500 made this pattern, it formed the 27th July '23 top. The May bar will close on Friday.
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The Market Is Beginning The Process Of Pricing In Fed Rate Hikes
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Week Ahead: Near-Term Dollar Outlook Less Clear Than A Week Ago
Stronger than expected data and hawkish FOMC minutes lifted US rates and the dollar last week. Sterling remained resilient despite weak economic data, but rate expectations were impacted by stronger than expected CPI. The G7 finance ministers took a tougher stance against China's trade practices. The dollar's setback may not signal the resumption of a lower trend.
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iShares S&P 500 Growth ETF: Prospectus [Rule 424(b)(3)]
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And Then There Was One
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5 Multi-Billion Dollar ETFs Beating the S&P 500 YTD
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Calmer Markets Ahead Of The Weekend
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The Fed Warns About The Everything Bubble
The Fed released the minutes from the May FOMC meeting on Wednesday. The Fed warns that "valuations across a range of markets appeared high relative to risk-adjusted cash flows" This is a warning about the "everything bubble" The Fed says house prices are elevated relative to the rents. These bubbles are inflationary via the wealth effect and the Fed will be forced to burst them.
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Navigating Inflation: The FOMC's Single Mandate
The FOMC is more concerned about the risk of inflation than the state of the labor market. Unemployment remains low and is not a major concern for the Federal Open Market Committee. The focus is on achieving the inflation mandate rather than the employment mandate. Inflation has not materialized and the unemployment rate remains sub-4%.
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Hawkish Fed Minutes Indicate Rate Hikes Could Still Be Coming
The Fed minutes read much more hawkishly than expected. The Fed is not nearly as confident on the path of inflation as previously thought. The odds for rate hikes are better than what would have been thought. Inflation trends are not favorable for rate cuts in 2024 at all.
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