Mid-Cap ETF (IJH) Hits New 52-Week High
This mid-cap ETF hits a new 52-week high. Are more gains in store for this ETF?
Zacks · 12/09/2020 14:40
Traders Shorting VIX Spur Inflows to $1.2 Billion Fund Down 34%
Bloomberg · 11/17/2020 13:04
Saudi Wealth Fund Cuts U.S. Stock Holdings, Holds On to Uber
Bloomberg · 11/17/2020 05:21
Tesla Is So Huge It May Take Two Steps to Put It in the S&P 500
Bloomberg · 11/17/2020 00:09
Hedge Funds Bet on Tech Ahead of Unpredictable Fourth Quarter
Bloomberg · 11/16/2020 23:08
A $1.3 Billion Leveraged Bet Against Tech Sees Record Outflows
Bloomberg · 11/16/2020 16:52
Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest Rocked as Shareholder Seeks Control
A fight for control has broken out at one of the biggest success stories in the exchange-traded fund world this year.
Bloomberg · 11/16/2020 15:48
Turkey’s Currency-Battered Stocks Have Been Luring U.S. Investors
Bloomberg · 11/16/2020 12:46
Budweiser, Anta, Meituan Rise After Hang Seng Index Inclusion
Shares of Meituan, Anta Sports Products Ltd. and Budweiser Brewing Co. APAC Ltd. rose on their first trading day since the compiler of Hong Kong’s benchmark Hang Seng Index said the three would be joining it.
Bloomberg · 11/16/2020 09:03
Effective Tax-Loss Harvesting Using The CRSP - Q3 2020 Portfolio Review
Tax-Loss Harvesting can be an effective method for long-term investors to reduce their overall tax liability, thereby putting more money to work.The CRSP ETF lineup is one of the purest forms of tax-loss harvesting available to investors today.My portfolio finished +7.81% for 3Q 2020 and is reviewed heading into 4Q 2020.
Seekingalpha · 10/12/2020 16:53
New Positions Are Warranted, But Defensive Sector Strength Signals Modest Caution (The ETF Trader And Investor For The Week Of 10/5-10/9)
The general trend during the last month is that treasuries are modestly lower and equity indexes are higher.Smaller-cap indexes are outpacing larger-cap indexes.Defensive sectors are rising in importance.
Seekingalpha · 10/12/2020 06:16
The Returns Of The Jedi
Stock market returns come with risk and volatility.Those risks and volatility are a tradeoff for the higher returns.What level of tradeoff you choose depends on your mindset.Would you have taken almost the same returns for half the volatility?Would you want to massively outperform in bear markets? That is what a Jedi would choose.
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 14:40
The Markets Undo Yesterday's Damage (Technically Speaking For 10/7)
The labor market is still weak.  Incomes haven't dropped due to fiscal support.The ending of stimulus payments at this time will probably cause a slower recovery.The markets bounced back today.
Seekingalpha · 10/07/2020 21:33
The Sidelines Are A Great Place To Be (The ETF Investor And Trader For The Week Of 9/28-10/2)
Smaller-caps did fairly well last week.Larger-caps were up but only modestly.The markets are still tentative.
Seekingalpha · 10/05/2020 16:06
Oil Majors Bear the Brunt in Canada’s Energy Stock Rout
Canadian oil and gas stocks never really recovered from the global financial crisis. They had a bounce in 2009 as the economy improved, but a surge in U.S. shale production sparked another crash in 2014.
Bloomberg · 10/02/2020 19:29
A Single Trade Just Pulled Half a Billion Dollars From TIPS Fund
Bloomberg · 10/01/2020 16:48
A $19 Billion Bond ETF Shows the ‘60/40’ Strategy Still Works
Bloomberg · 10/01/2020 16:05
The Secretive Committee Behind the S&P 500 
Bloomberg · 10/01/2020 10:52
Welcome to Bloomberg Wealth: A Letter From the Editor
Today we are launching Bloomberg Wealth to help you manage your finances, live your best life and navigate your path to prosperity. That sentiment may seem to sit at odds with the bleakness of this year, but we believe these volatile times make our mission more necessary.
Bloomberg · 10/01/2020 08:00
Danger: Bears Are All Around
The S&P 500 bull market remains intact despite the recent correction.The same cannot be said for the rest of the U.S. and the rest of the world.Beware the bear and the downside risks accumulating all around the U.S. and global stock market today.Stay selective and defensive within the S&P 500 while seeking long-term investment opportunities outside of the S&P 500.
Seekingalpha · 09/25/2020 14:44
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