Trump announces new round of farm aid in Wisconsin
"Starting next week my administration is committing an additional... $13B in relief to help farmers recover from the China virus," President Trump announced a campaign rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin.The new
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Total United States Grain Exports To China Lower Year On Year, But There Is A Silver Lining
United States grain exports to China so far this year reached almost 11 million tonnes according to IHS Markit cargo flow tool Commodities at Sea.Year on year, US grain exports to all destinations have been stronger by 4%.Soybean exports to all destinations are lower by about a quarter of last year's volumes while corn exports more than compensated the drop of soybean exports.
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New Grain Seasonality Signals Higher Rates In The Short Term, While Risk Remains In The Fourth Quarter
There are several reasons behind the recent strength in grain freight rates.Judging from the recent strength in commodities and equities, markets are anticipating a rapid "V-shaped" recovery in the second half of this year.However, there is an apparent risk of a correction in commodity prices in the near future, if our view of fundamentals is correct.Once the surge in pent-up demand is satisfied and the boost to apparent consumption from inventory restocking is complete, growth may fade, exposing some markets to a price correction.
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Aluminum Price Is Pulled This Way And That On Rising Trader Interest, Supply Glut
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Goldman capitulates - pulls bearish market outlook
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For Ethanol, Conditions Are Changing And Positive
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We Won't See A Return To Debt-Fueled Consumption: Hirst
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Weekly Sentiment Indicators Improving
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U.S. Stock Market Regains Lead As Top Global Performer For 2020
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Bubble? Any Bears Left? Asking For A Friend
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Risk-Off Using Put Options As 'Insurance' In These Frothy Markets - Part II
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