How to Find the Next Moonshot Stock, According to ‘Roaring Kitty’
Keith Gill, the man who inspired the infamous GameStop trade, says value investing isn’t dead, and shoots for 100% in annual returns.
Bloomberg · 01/29 21:12
Crypto Entrepreneurs Seize on Reddit Revolt Ethos to Sway Users
Crypto entrepreneurs are moving quickly to launch products to emulate the adrenaline-charged rush that lured many in the WallStreetBets crowd to stock markets.
Bloomberg · 01/29 20:01
Hedge Fund Pressure Lingers With Short Sellers’ Targets Rallying
Trades associated with hedge funds were under pressure again in Friday’s stock selloff, though with less intensity than earlier in the week.
Bloomberg · 01/29 19:09
The GameStop Drama Just Cost One ETF Almost 80% of Its Assets
As the GameStop Corp. saga continues to play out in markets, the drama has now cost what was an $800 million exchange-traded fund nearly 80% of its assets.
Bloomberg · 01/29 17:20
Reddit Crew May Find Commodities Harder After Roiling Silver
Signs that the silver market was about to get hit by a GameStop-style short squeeze emerged Wednesday.
Bloomberg · 01/29 15:38
Biden Era Begins on Bearish Note as Emerging-Market Rally Stalls
Bloomberg · 01/29 15:08
Ark Mania Finally Fading After GameStop Fever Sweeps Wall Street
With all Wall Street eyes on GameStop Corp., a months-long obsession with Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management is finally showing signs of easing.
Bloomberg · 01/29 14:53
Silver Market Jitters Are on Display After Reddit Frenzy
Silver prices were whipsawed again, suggesting the market remains on high alert after a push by Reddit posters to create a short squeeze sparked sharp moves Thursday.
Bloomberg · 01/29 10:00
Hedge Funds’ Trades Are Working Again After Worst Day in History
It won’t make the retail crowd any happier. But everything that had been making life miserable for institutional investors this week is reversing itself on Thursday.
Bloomberg · 01/28 19:35
Silver Is the Latest Market Hit by Reddit Day-Trader Frenzy
Bloomberg · 01/28 15:11
GameStop Is Creating Problems in Sleepy World of Index Following
The Reddit-spurred market madness is spreading to even the most placid corners of the passive world.
Bloomberg · 01/28 13:31
Cash-Rich Software Company Mints No-Lose Bitcoin Trade
MicroStrategy Inc.’s bet on Bitcoin is paying off -- for its bond holders.
Bloomberg · 01/28 10:00
JPMorgan Offers ‘You Only Live Once’ Trade to Bet on Ark ETFs
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is offering tech bulls a supercharged bet on some of the year’s top-performing exchange-traded funds. Like most Wall Street concoctions, this one comes with strings attached.
Bloomberg · 12/14/2020 14:57
Mutual Funds Bleed $469 Billion as ETFs Triumph in Zero-Sum 2020
Bloomberg · 12/13/2020 12:00
Disruptive Technologies Are Enabling The Re-Opening Economy
Sandwiched between the two extremes of the largely shut-down Stay-at-Home Economy and a fully opened New Normal Economy, the Re-Opening Economy is an uncertain, transitional phase.We have identified multiple themes that we believe play an essential role in achieving these goals, including Cloud Computing, Genomics, the Internet of Things, and Telemedicine.Though the Re-Opening Economy roughly began in July, the lack of a vaccine and continued flare-ups of COVID-19 around the world suggest that this transitional phase is likely to remain in place for an extended time frame.
Seekingalpha · 10/06/2020 11:15
3 Reasons Why This Isn't Another 'Tech Bubble'
Investors have been on a wild ride over the past week as tech stocks plunged, dragging down major global indexes with them.Some are suggesting this is the start of another dramatic sell-off, similar to the spring of 2000, when the “tech bubble” burst. I highly doubt that.I think of this rout not so much as a correction, but as a digestion given that the NASDAQ Composite rose more than 60% from its March bottom in the course of less than six months.
Seekingalpha · 09/10/2020 07:14
This Time Is Never Different And Why The U.S. Tech Bubble Won't Last
Market swings are like pendulums. They always go too far.But just like a pendulum, it inevitably swings back, and this time is no different.Investors using fundamental arguments to judge this market have been off for 5 years now, but the sentiment indicators, the best judge of market turning points, are flashing red.And just like the Buffett quote, what the wise man does in the beginning, the fool does in the end. The argument for tech stocks to keep surging driven by low-interest rates are no longer strong because valuations have already reflected low rates.Given the rising anecdotal evidence of sheer greed and participation from retail, we don't think this time is different and this tech bubble won't last.
Seekingalpha · 09/08/2020 22:31
The COVID Price Compression In Technology
Markets tend to be more inefficient in the short term and more efficient in the long term.One way of thinking about this is that the information we obtain in the short term tends to be incomplete. So, investors have to make informed guesses about market prices.To be clear, this is different from the tech bubble in that most of the firms seeing the price appreciation are earning real profits.
Seekingalpha · 09/05/2020 18:58
AT&T headed for breakup in time - Moffett
Seeking Alpha - Article · 01/30/2020 16:17
5 High-Beta ETFs to Buy on Trade Talk Hopes
These high-beta ETFs should gain on U.S.-China trade talk hopes.
Zacks · 09/05/2019 13:00
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