DBV Technologies Provides Update On Investigational Viaskin Peanut For Children Ages 4-11 Years; Says Received Written Responses From FDA To Questions Provided In Type A Meeting Request Co Submitted In Oct. 2020
DBV Technologies Provides Update on Investigational Viaskin™ Peanut for Children Ages 4-11 Years Montrouge, France, January 14, 2020   DBV Technologies Provides Update on Investigational Viaskin™
Benzinga · 01/14 21:31
Cathie Wood’s Flagship Fund Posts Largest Outflow on Record
The largest product from Cathie Wood’s prominent exchange-traded fund lineup did something unusual on Tuesday -- it posted outflows.
Bloomberg · 12/30/2020 15:50
How Has The U.S. Dollar Held Up As 'Global Reserve Currency' During Q2 Turmoil?
US-dollar-denominated exchange reserves - that would be US Treasury securities, US corporate bonds, US mortgage-backed securities, etc. held by foreign central banks - rose 1.9% in the second quarter to $6.9 trillion, according to the IMF's COFER data release.The yen has backed off a little from its surge that had started in 2015, and peaked at 5.9% in Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. In Q2, it ticked down to 5.7%.The US dollar's status as the dominant reserve currency and as the dominant international funding currency creates a lot of demand for dollar-denominated instruments, and permits the US to fund its gigantic trade deficits and its even more gigantic fiscal deficits.
Seekingalpha · 10/01/2020 17:42
Stocks Gain on Stimulus Hopes in Choppy Trading: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg · 09/30/2020 21:27
Options on Treasury ETF Hint at Hedges for Higher U.S. Inflation
Bloomberg · 09/29/2020 11:21
Democrats Sweep May be Best for Risk Markets, Credit Suisse Says
Bloomberg · 09/28/2020 10:32
The Charts: Ugly Equities And A Range Bound Dollar
The major central banks have met, and not one announced fresh policy action.All the brouhaha about the rapid rise of the euro misses that it has been moving sideways for nearly two months.With all the commentary on the euro, it was the yen, whose 1.6% gain last week, led the majors.It arguably was a cleaner way to express a bearish dollar view.
Seekingalpha · 09/21/2020 04:05
Monday In August
Seeking Alpha - Article · 08/10/2020 13:11
The Ripple Effects Of The Falling U.S. Dollar
Seeking Alpha - Article · 08/06/2020 19:19
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