Soybeans And Corn Breach Key Levels
Deteriorating crop conditions due to crazy weather and strong Chinese demand resulting from the trade deal should help keep a floor under soybean prices into harvest and beyond.China has already purchased 11 million metric tons of corn from the US, and appears to be ready to buy more.Like soybeans, corn has breached a key level to the upside. However, unlike soybeans, it has a lot more work left to do.
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Trump announces new round of farm aid in Wisconsin
"Starting next week my administration is committing an additional... $13B in relief to help farmers recover from the China virus," President Trump announced a campaign rally in Mosinee, Wisconsin.The new
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Total United States Grain Exports To China Lower Year On Year, But There Is A Silver Lining
United States grain exports to China so far this year reached almost 11 million tonnes according to IHS Markit cargo flow tool Commodities at Sea.Year on year, US grain exports to all destinations have been stronger by 4%.Soybean exports to all destinations are lower by about a quarter of last year's volumes while corn exports more than compensated the drop of soybean exports.
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Soybeans Hit Target, And Surprise Low-Cost Play In Corn
Soybeans surged as high as $9.66 per bushel in overnight trading Sunday, hitting our $960 per bushel target.Corn should be weak heading into harvest, but it is less than 10 cents away from July's swing high of $3.63 per pound instead.Continue to hold the July 2021 $9.80/$10.60 bull spreads we suggested purchasing for $675 or less on August 19.
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Grains Rally- A Sign For 2021- JJG Offers Another Way To Position In The Grain Markets
The August 10 derecho lit a bullish fuse. The falling dollar supports grain prices. The demand side of the equation continues to rise. The USDA reports again on September 11. JJG follows grain prices higher and lower.
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What La Nina May Mean For Nat Gas And Other Markets
As I predicted, nat gas (UNG) has fallen after Hurricane Laura. Cool-weather vs other non-weather-friendly factors.JJG (All Grain ETF) is up on a combo of weather impacts and China.Dry weather is fuelling cocoa (NIB) prices.
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Corn Demand Outlook 2019/2020: Year Of Crisis
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China buys more soybeans, ramping up U.S. crop purchases
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China makes massive deal for U.S. corn
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Commodity Performance In 2020
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Wheat futures hit three-month high after USDA cuts forecast
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CORN: The 'Bears' Have Strengthened
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Agricultural Commodities Pre-June WASDE
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Biofuel quotas to edge higher under EPA plan draft - Bloomberg
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Agricultural Commodities Post-May WASDE
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Corn May Be More Positive Than It Seems
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Worst may be over but 'very long way to go,' ethanol producers say
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