Weekly Report: what happened at BRF last week (0715-0719)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Weekly Commentary: Election On The Brink
Americans fear their country is spiraling out of control following an assassination attempt on Donald Trump. This week likely marked the onset of a period of de-risking/deleveraging. The S&P 500 was at record highs in Monday's trading. Doug Noland offers his weekly market commentary.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Rising Costs And Gloomier Prospects Cast Shadow Over Emerging Market Outlook
Emerging market economic growth was sustained at a solid pace in June, despite easing from the one-year high seen in May. The expansion was led by manufacturing as service sector growth slowed. Manufacturing production rose at the fastest pace since November 2020. Input price inflation climbed to a ten-month-high, driven by rising costs.
Seeking Alpha · 5d ago
Weekly Report: what happened at BRF last week (0708-0712)?
Weekly Report · 07/15 10:34
Weekly Commentary: Houston, We Have A Bubble Problem
Seeking Alpha · 07/13 08:15
Taking A Page Out Of The EM Playbook
Seeking Alpha · 07/09 11:55
3 Top 100 Stocks to Buy for Just $15
Turkish e-commerce platform D-Market Electronic Services & Trading is on Barchart’s Top 100 Stocks to Buy list. The company is up 44% in the past month and looks primed for more gains in 2024 and beyond. Three of the companies on the list have a combined share price of $15 combined.
Barchart · 07/09 08:11
Like EM central banks, DM banks will need to keep rates higher for longer - BlackRock
Like EM central banks, DM banks will need to keep rates higher for longer - BlackRock. Some central banks in emerging markets are pausing rate cuts because of inflation concerns. But policymakers in developed markets may also need to stick with higher-for-longer rates. Brazil, Mexico, and Poland are among the world's emerging markets.
Seeking Alpha · 07/08 21:43
Weekly Report: what happened at BRF last week (0701-0705)?
Weekly Report · 07/08 10:35
Weekly Commentary: Nothing Matters
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Weekly Commentary: Nothing Matters. Two-year Treasury yields dropped 14 bps this week, to the low since March 27th. Markets reacted to weaker-than-expected June Non-Farm payroll and ADP data. The grossly imbalanced U.S. Economy may be weaker - but not weak.
Seeking Alpha · 07/06 09:10
Global PMI Upturn Cools From One Year High As Outlook Darkens
Global economic growth slowed in June but remained the second-strongest seen for just over a year. The US bucked a broader developed world slowdown, with output growing at the steepest pace since April 2022. The global economy expanded for an eighth consecutive month in June. Business expectations for the year ahead are lowest for seven months.
Seeking Alpha · 07/06 05:50
Nearshoring Dynamics: Latin America's Strategic Economic Shift
Latin America is a region at the cusp of a transformative era as a region. Nearshoring Dynamics: Latin America's Strategic Economic Shift. Axel Christensen is Chief Investment strategist for Latin America for the BlackRock Investment Institute. He says the region is becoming an epicenter of global change. The demographic shifts in demographics are creating a mosaic of investment opportunities.
Seeking Alpha · 07/05 07:00
Weekly Report: what happened at BRF last week (0624-0628)?
Weekly Report · 07/01 10:35
July 2024 Monthly
July brings new governments in the UK and France, a new European Commission, and China's Third Plenum session. The US policy mix stands out with loose fiscal policy and tight monetary policy, contributing to the dollar's strength. Emerging market currencies faced a heavier bias in June. The best policy mix for a currency is loose monetary and fiscal policy.
Seeking Alpha · 06/30 12:00
Will The PCE Deflator Really Contain New Information?
Seeking Alpha · 06/28 11:15
USD Pushes Above JPY160
The dollar is firm, and the market is challenging the JPY160 level. A strong monthly inflation print boosts the chances of a rate hike in Australia. The Aussie dollar is the main exception to the greenback's strength today. Asia Pacific bourses advanced, with Australia's market being the outlier.
Seeking Alpha · 06/26 11:15
Nervous Calm Hangs Over The Markets
Seeking Alpha · 06/25 12:10
U.S. Dollar Offered, But Intra-Day Momentum Indicators Are Stretched
Seeking Alpha · 06/24 11:15
Weekly Report: what happened at BRF last week (0617-0621)?
Weekly Report · 06/24 10:41
Week Ahead: Politics, Economics, And The Yen
Seeking Alpha · 06/22 12:45
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