Credit ETFs Cause a Liquidity Problem and Then Sell the Solution
Wall Street’s long-running debate over whether corporate bond ETFs are either a force for good or bad might be missing the point. Both sides are likely right.
Bloomberg · 01/19 14:23
Biggest Gulf ETF Eyes Growth as Embargo Ends, World Cup Nears
The end of an embargo on Qatar has come at a handy time for the Gulf’s biggest equity-focused exchange traded fund, just as the gas-rich country is set to get a boost from hosting one of the world’s most popular events.
Bloomberg · 01/18 03:00
JPMorgan Strategists Say $40,000 Is Key Test for Bitcoin Boom
Bitcoin could be at risk of a further drop unless the digital coin climbs back above $40,000 soon.
Bloomberg · 01/18 01:47
Bond Traders Lean Toward Higher Yields Amid Georgia Runoff
Bloomberg · 01/05 20:29
Markets Brace for Greater Chance of Blue Wave in Georgia Races
While the relentless spread of the coronavirus drove the equity market lower on Monday, there were also signs investors are preparing for a greater possibility that Democrats will gain control of the U.S. Senate.
Bloomberg · 01/04 21:04
Crypto Fund’s Price Diverges From Holdings in Latest Mispricing
Bloomberg · 01/04 19:49
ETFs’ Big Three Struggle to Make Mark in 2020’s Largest Launches
Three big players have long made up the majority of the $5.4 trillion U.S. exchange-traded fund industry, but their latest offerings were also-rans in a record year for new product launches.
Bloomberg · 01/04 16:10
China ADRs Fall as U.S. Ramps Up Pressure on Delisting Effort
Chinese stocks listed in the U.S., including China Telecom Corp. and Pinduoduo Inc., fell on the prospect of further sanctions that would remove more of the Asian nation’s biggest companies from American stock exchanges.
Bloomberg · 01/04 15:10
Cathie Wood’s Flagship Fund Posts Largest Outflow on Record
The largest product from Cathie Wood’s prominent exchange-traded fund lineup did something unusual on Tuesday -- it posted outflows.
Bloomberg · 12/30/2020 15:50
High-Flying Crypto Fund Dumps XRP With Ripple in SEC ‘Hot Water’
Bloomberg · 12/23/2020 18:28
Flash Surge in World’s Biggest ETF Linked to ‘Outlandish’ Trades
Bloomberg · 12/23/2020 17:43
It’s Been 1,246 Days Since Vanguard’s Global ETF Had an Outflow
Over the past three years, stocks have been rocked by deteriorating trade relationships, economic turbulence and a pandemic that’s ravaged the globe. Throughout it all, investors have refused to pull cash from one of Vanguard Group’s largest exchange-traded funds.
Bloomberg · 12/22/2020 18:19
Invesco Debuts Four ETFs Designed to Prevent Front-Running
Invesco Ltd. is launching four ETFs that don’t report their holdings daily, seeking to shield the asset manager’s strategies from front-running or replication from rivals.
Bloomberg · 12/22/2020 13:00
Hang Seng Proposes Major Overhaul of Hong Kong Stock Index
Bloomberg · 12/22/2020 09:52
Cybersecurity Stocks Extend Advance on Bets for Robust Demand
Bloomberg · 12/21/2020 18:49
Cathie Wood’s Biotech Bets Drive Ark Innovation ETF to Record
Cathie Wood’s bets on biotech companies developing drugs using gene-editing technology is proving timely even as Tesla Inc. and global equity markets stumble Monday.
Bloomberg · 12/21/2020 17:46
Tesla Fuels $166 Billion Bonanza in a Risky Corner of Finance
Tesla Inc.’s entry to the S&P 500 may be stoking relentless controversy, but in a specialized market for risk assets the electric-car maker is eliciting cheers all round.
Bloomberg · 12/21/2020 13:57
JPMorgan Says Flows to Into Major Crypto Fund Are Key to Bitcoin’s Outlook
The odds of a Bitcoin correction would increase if the flows into the world’s largest traded cryptocurrency fund slow significantly, according to strategists at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Bloomberg · 12/21/2020 05:58
Mutual Funds Bleed $469 Billion as ETFs Triumph in Zero-Sum 2020
Bloomberg · 12/13/2020 12:00
The Wealthy Are Jumping Into Bitcoin as Stigma Around Crypto Fades
With Bitcoin surging more than 270% since March, the rich are ratcheting up investments in digital currencies and anticipating further gains.
Bloomberg · 12/11/2020 05:01
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