Seeking Yield With Safety
Lipper categories with low risk and moderate to high yields are listed. Top-ranked funds within the categories are listed.Over a thousand funds are ranked using Mutual Fund Observer Screens based on risk, risk-adjusted returns, quality, momentum and yield.Top-ranked funds from Charles Schwab, Fidelity, and Vanguard are listed as well as other mutual fund families, exchange traded funds and closed end funds.Funds with low risk and yields above 2% are highlighted.
Seekingalpha · 10/12 12:16
Rising Interest Rates Is A Good Thing For Governments
Central bank mandates are to target inflation, not to bankrupt central governments because they do not approve of fiscal policies.Central banks always have had to maintain their balance sheet sizes, and there were a number of test cases of quantitative easing over the past decades.A weaker Canadian dollar boosts exporters, creating the theoretical possibility of rebalancing the private sector away from housing.The Bank of Canada is boxed in because of debt, but Federal Government debt is not the source of concern.
Seekingalpha · 10/06 09:47
A Single Trade Just Pulled Half a Billion Dollars From TIPS Fund
Bloomberg · 10/01 16:48
A $19 Billion Bond ETF Shows the ‘60/40’ Strategy Still Works
Bloomberg · 10/01 16:05
The Secretive Committee Behind the S&P 500 
Bloomberg · 10/01 10:52
Welcome to Bloomberg Wealth: A Letter From the Editor
Today we are launching Bloomberg Wealth to help you manage your finances, live your best life and navigate your path to prosperity. That sentiment may seem to sit at odds with the bleakness of this year, but we believe these volatile times make our mission more necessary.
Bloomberg · 10/01 08:00
The First Blank-Check ETF Makes Its Trading Debut
Bloomberg · 10/01 04:01
Europe Resuming Astra Shot Review; Japan Stimulus: Virus Update
European regulators are set to start an accelerated review of a Covid-19 vaccine front-runner from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca Plc, even as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is reported to have widened its investigation into a trial participant who fell ill.
Bloomberg · 10/01 00:33
Stocks Gain on Stimulus Hopes in Choppy Trading: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg · 09/30 21:27
Quant Research Debunks the Hype Behind Smart-Beta Investing
Bloomberg · 09/30 19:03
Vanguard Total International Bond ETF declares monthly distribution of $0.0461
Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX) - $0.0461.30-Day SEC Yield of 0.32% as of Sept 28.Payable Oct 06; for shareholders of record Oct 02; ex-div Oct 01.
Seekingalpha · 09/30 17:28
Democrats Sweep May be Best for Risk Markets, Credit Suisse Says
Bloomberg · 09/28 10:32
This Week's Asset Class Flows: 09/15/2020
ETF Database · 09/16 15:41
The Real Problem Behind The $26.8 Trillion U.S. National Debt
Ample economic research has shown that excessive debt, above a certain threshold of GDP, begins to drag down economic growth. US national debt is now well above that threshold. But ballooning debt, in itself, is not the fundamental issue. It is the result of the core problem. In the coming decades, the US economy will be asked to do the impossible: grow faster even while the government extracts more of its resources. There are no easy solutions. There are only painful trade-offs.
Seekingalpha · 09/14 17:14
Global Debt Outlook Q3 2020: Evaluating The 4 Ps (Pandemic, Policy, Pricing, And Portfolios)
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/23 14:18
The World Is Drowning In Debt
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/23 07:56
Jens Van 't Klooster On ECB Bond Purchasing And The Myth Of Central Bank Neutrality
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/19 12:06
Capital Markets Weekly: Emerging Market Issuers Continue Pushing Debt Maturity Threshold
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/19 11:02
BlackRock sees fixed income ETF AUM at $2T in 2024
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/15 14:52
Tradeweb Government Bond Update - June 2020
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/09 12:00
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