How To Value Crypto: A Guide To The Basics
Cfa institute has released a guide to the valuation of crypto assets. Cfa institute researchers have developed a classification and best evaluation practices based on the asset subtype. The valuation of digital assets can be compared to traditional money and money-comparable assets. Bitcoin is one of the most prominent examples of a crypto asset.
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From 'Dogecoin Killer' Shiba Inu's Burn Rate Surge To Bitcoin's ETF Approval And Possible BTC Boom: Crypto Weekend Roundup
Shiba inu's burn rate skyrockets by 500% in a single day. Kissinger-themed tokens attracted over $307,000 in trading volume following the death of former u.s. Secretary of state henry kissinger. A wrapped eth token soared over 5,700% within an hour of its introduction.
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Ethereum Gaming NFT Marketplace Aqua Shuts Down Citing Slow Industry Growth
Gaming nft marketplace aqua has shut down. Ceo sean ryan announced the news on linkedin friday. Ryan says the startup struggled to raise funds. Aqua launched in 2022 and was the first of its kind in the gaming space. The company's ceo cited slow growth in the web3 gaming market.
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Crypto Watch: Bitcoin, Dogecoin Enjoy Weekend Momentum As Ethereum Looks To Confirm New Trend
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Stocks, Gold, Bonds Rally Further, Dollars Tumbles As Traders Anticipate Fed Cuts: What's Driving Markets Friday?
Major u.s. Stocks rallied on friday. S&p 500, dow jones, and nasdaq indices are all set for their fifth consecutive week of positive movement. Investor optimism is driven by growing speculation of fed rate cuts in 2024. Ism manufacturing activity slowed more than predicted in november, leading to drop in treasury yields.
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3 Useless Cryptos to Sell in December
Cryptos that derive value from clout alone are destined to fail. Meme-based cryptos like dogecoin and shiba inu have no real-world utility. Altcoins like pepe are the last useless cryptos to be added to your sell list this month.
Investorplace · 1d ago
Ethereum Sidechain Ronin Adds Binance Pay to Wallet as 'Pixels' Game Surges
Ronin crypto wallet mobile app adds integration with binance pay. Users can import funds from binance exchange accounts to ronin wallets. Ronin is a sidechain network built for crypto games. The integration also lets users convert cryptocurrencies into ronin ecosystem tokens like axs and slp.
Decrypt · 1d ago
Bitcoin Nears The Sweet Spot, Zooms To $39K
Bitcoin hits highest level this year since may 2022. Bitcoin closed higher by about 5% in the thanksgiving week. The token reached $39k on friday, the highest level since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin is expected to close 3% higher this week.
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9,627 ETH Worth $20M Was Just Burned
A total of 9,627.23 ether worth $20,168,664 was burned from transactions on thursday. Burning is when a coin or token is sent to an unusable wallet to remove it from circulation. The ether was burned after an upgrade to the eth fee model.
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Starknet's Treasure Chest Unlocks: Provisions Portal Leak Reveals Token Distribution Plans
Starknet foundation acknowledged the circulation of screenshots on social media showing an early version of a potential provisions portal. The organization is in the process of developing plans to distribute strk tokens to certain users and contributors. The starknet foundation said the screenshots depicted draft plans and are still being refined.
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Ethereum Tops $2,100; Celestia Emerges As Top Gainer
Crypto prices rise above the key $38,000 level on friday. Celestia was the top crypto gainer over the past 24 hours. The global crypto market cap rose to $1.46 trillion on friday, up 2.6%. Bitcoin and eth also recorded gains, topping $2,100 mark.
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Ignore the Hype: 3 Cryptos to Avoid Like Coal on Christmas Morning
Recent crypto rally may push some investors to look for cryptos to buy. Chris macdonald says some cryptos are too speculative and should be avoided. Dogecoin, audius and internet computer are three cryptos investors should avoid. Macdonald says these cryptos have no real-world utility and are driven by speculation and hype.
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After MUNGER Coin's Crash, Kissinger Tokens Flood Crypto Space Following His Death At 100
At least 9 tokens were created named after henry kissinger in the last 24 hours. The former u.s. Secretary of state passed away on thursday. Kissinger-themed coins attracted over $307,000 in trading volume on uniswap and other exchanges. A wrapped eth token experienced a surge of over 5,700% in value.
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Bitcoin Spikes As Saylor's Microstrategy Makes Biggest Purchase In Years — Ethereum, Dogecoin Post Gains Too: Analyst Predicts $3,500 Level For ETH After SEC Acknowledges Fidelity Spot ETF
Cryptocurrency prices rose on thursday evening. Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies experienced a surge. Microstrategy inc. Largest holder of bitcoin purchased additional 16,130 btc for $608 million in cash. Eth and dogecoin also saw significant gains on the day .
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Bitcoin Surges On MicroStrategy's Bold Purchase; Ethereum and Dogecoin Follow Suit: Analyst Sees ETH Hitting $3,500 After SEC Acknowledges Fidelity Spot ETF Filing
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Will SEC's Comment Period On Fidelity's Spot Ethereum ETF Application Lead To Regulated Investment Options?
U.s. Securities and exchange commission opens a forum for public to comment on a proposed rule change. Fidelity could offer shares of its spot eth exchange-traded fund on the cboe bzx exchange. The firm first filed for approval of a spot bitcoin etf in 2023.
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USDC Transcends Borders: Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol Unleashes A Borderless Blockchain Era
Circle announced the integration of its usd coin with the cosmos ecosystem. Cross-chain transfer protocol (cctp) is now live on noble mainnet. Cctp enables transfers of usdc between blockchains using a native burn-and-mint process. The protocol allows for programmatic, 1:1 cross-chain transfers of the currency.
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Renewed Vigor In DeFi And NFT Markets, JPMorgan Cites Rising Crypto Optimism
Jpmorgan highlights a resurgence in the decentralized finance and non-fungible token sectors in a research report. The uptick is attributed to growing anticipation of a u.s.-based spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund. The report says the uptick follows a nearly two-year decline.
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