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DJ CEOs Speak on the Pandemic, the Economy, -2-

· 02/05/2021 11:47

"I expect to be CEO of Tesla for several years, so I think there's still a lot that I'm super excited about doing, and I think it would be hard to leave a lot of these great projects halfway or part way done. So I do expect to be running the company for several years into the future. Nobody is or should be CEO forever. So I don't expect to be." ( Jan. 27)

International Business Machines Corp. CEO Arvind Krishna:

"Since I became CEO, I've talked at great length about the importance of culture and the need to instill a growth and entrepreneurial mind-set. As part of that, we are encouraging more business risk-taking and ensuring a higher tolerance for failure across the business. This should allow us to more quickly respond to clients, seize more opportunities, and drive better business outcomes." ( Jan. 21)


Mondelez International Inc. CEO Dirk Van de Put:

"The business friendly tax measures we hope will remain...We want to be careful with the requirement of most countries to pay for their stimulus, will they try to pay for it with higher taxes? That's our biggest worry." ( Jan. 28)

American Express Co. CEO Stephen Squeri:

[On the possibility of increased banking regulation under President Biden] "Well, it's kind of hard to figure out at this point what they will do, what will be done from a consumer regulation perspective.

"We will comply, and we will do what we need to do. And I don't think it's going to be a major deterrent to us running our business in any way. I mean, look, have we added more compliance people over the years? Yes. Do we spend more time with regulators? Yes. Could that be more? Yeah, it could probably be more. But when you think about the underlying economics of our business, I really don't think it's going to impact our spend." ( Jan. 26)

Steel Dynamics Inc. CEO Mark Millett:

"I don't see the Biden administration changing the trade environment materially, at least not in the near term. They recognize that China is a massive threat. Their approach [to China] might be different than the Trump administration. They will likely ally with our friends in Europe and in other places. But I think they will be very cognizant that there needs to be trade controls. And there are underlying legislated trade constraints in place that aren't just an executive order. They're going to be there for years to come." ( Jan. 25)

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February 05, 2021 11:47 ET (16:47 GMT)

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