How to Find Active Stocks with the Most Active list
The Most Active list can help investors quickly filter active stocks. Let's check it out!

Choosing a stock to trade can sometimes be a daunting task. Webull provides various stock ranking lists to help investors select stocks before trading based on different investment needs. With the Most Active List, investors can quickly find active stocks. How? Let's take a look!

What is the Most Active List?

Webull’s Most Active list ranks stocks by volume, % turnover, and % range from 24 hours ago. However, “most active” doesn’t necessarily mean the stocks are the most worthwhile to trade; it only indicates that the stocks have high liquidity. So, if you’re looking for a highly liquid stock, the Most Active list can be a useful tool.

How to Evaluate the "Active" in the Most Active List

The indicators of volume, % turnover, and % range can be used to evaluate an active stock.

  • Volume: Volume is the number of shares traded for a specific stock.
  • % Turnover: The turnover ratio refers to the frequency at which a stock changes hands in the market within a certain period.
  • % Range: % Range is the difference between the highest and lowest prices after the stock opened and the previous day's closing price represented as a percentage. % Range = (high - low) / close * 100%

Generally, you would want to select an active stock based on the above three ranking results. If a stock is at the top of all three rankings, it might be a highly liquid stock that many investors are currently trading. To know more about a particular stock, you can click the symbol to view the stock chart, company press release, or earnings report to do a more detailed analysis.

Why Does it Matter?

For stock selection, evaluating a stock's liquidity is crucial. The more active the stock, the higher the liquidity. This can be especially attractive for day traders. For example, if you noticed a stock with a high % turnover and volume yesterday, some important news or corporate actions may be released, and more investors may end up trading the stock.

What to Know Before You Buy

  • What are the possible reasons for the high % turnover or volume?
  • Did this stock have corporate actions or news released recently?
  • Does the Technical Analysis support your trading diligence?

How Do You Find the Most Active List on Webull?

Entry: Market>Most Active (scroll down)>View results in different tabs

Next Steps

If you want to check out the list, click here to take a look on the latest Webull mobile app!

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