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Strike While The Market Is Hot
Companies are taking advantage of strong investor demand in the investment grade credit market. In the first two months of 2024, nearly 200 companies issue roughly $380 billion of new bonds in the U.S. Investment grade primary market. Monthly issuance totals for both January and February blew away the prior three-year averages of $138 billion.
Seeking Alpha · 03/19 05:45
Where The Looming Credit Maturity Wall And The Economy Collide
Seeking Alpha · 03/16 08:55
Is It Time To Move Off The Sidelines?
With the Federal Reserve potentially easing as early as June, generous money market yields may be fleeting. Neuberger Berman sees substantial opportunity in the short-duration, high-quality parts of the fixed income markets. To lock in durable high income, we believe it makes sense to incrementally add interest-rate exposure to portfolios.
Seeking Alpha · 03/15 15:45
Governance Matters: The Proof Is In The Proxy
Research shows a correlation between strong governance and higher stock returns, says Bob Herr and Ryan Oden. They say companies with poor corporate governance practices are prone to mismanagement and weak returns. AllianceBernstein’s proxy-voting track record shows correlation between governance and returns, they say.
Seeking Alpha · 03/13 19:45
Weekly Report: what happened at ESCR last week (0304-0308)?
Weekly Report · 03/11 09:34
Can The SEC's Climate Disclosure Mandate Rule The Roost?
Seeking Alpha · 03/07 11:05
The Credit Opportunity In M&A
M&A was almost dormant in 2023. In the US, as a proportion of the market value of the benchmark equity indices, it fell to its lowest level in 20 years. We are seeing a comeback for M&A that we think is likely to continue through 2024. In an environment of tight spreads and low volatility, mergers and acquisitions can be a source of idiosyncratic alpha in credit markets.
Seeking Alpha · 03/04 17:10
Weekly Report: what happened at ESCR last week (0226-0301)?
Weekly Report · 03/04 09:35

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