Strong Global Gold Demand Will Propel Gold Higher
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Don't Expect A Stock Market Correction, But The Easy Money Has Been Made
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Weekly Report: what happened at JJPFF last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 3d ago
Pete Najarian On AI, Financials And Staying Disciplined
Pete Najarian On AI, Financials And Staying Disciplined. Pete Najarian, co-founder of Market Rebellion, discusses the current state of the economy, Fed policy, and the impact on the markets. He discusses several ways to profit from the AI boom.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Exceptionally Strong PBoC And Chinese Private Sector Buying Continues To Boost Gold Price
Seeking Alpha · 05/23 07:10
All That Glitters Isn't Gold: Silver Has Outperformed Gold During This Gold Bull Run
Seeking Alpha · 05/21 18:55
Gold And U.S. Politics
Seeking Alpha · 05/21 10:30
Weekly Report: what happened at JJPFF last week (0513-0517)?
Weekly Report · 05/20 11:10
Gold Market Commentary: Higher-For-Longer: Inflation Not Growth
Seeking Alpha · 05/17 16:20
Why Interest Rates Aren't Stopping Gold
The demand for gold continues to rise as uncertainty around interest rates and geopolitical stability have more traders turning to safe-haven assets. April average daily volume for Micro Gold and Micro Silver futures increased 119% and 162% month over month. Gold's recent decoupling from yields shows the metal is being used as a trusted indicator for long-term uncertainty.
Seeking Alpha · 05/17 13:20
Allocation Today: Think Scarce And Short
Home Investing Strategy Portfolio Strategy Allocation Today: Think Scarce And Short. VanEck's investment theme is scarcity. Right now we're in the very difficult part of the inflation cycle. The traditional value segments of the market are going to start to perform well.
Seeking Alpha · 05/15 20:00
Sticky Inflation Boosts Gold
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 12:50
The Big Inflation Week Starts Today
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 04:15
Gold Is A Counter-Cyclical Anchor
Gold is forecasting a more virulent economic backdrop for Q4 - H1, 2025 as it starts to outperform cyclical markets. The gold mining industry is counter-cyclical and leverages gold's macro relationships during inflationary trends. Gold's status relative to inflationary monetary/fiscal policies is turning positive and anti-inflationary.
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 01:01
Weekly Report: what happened at JJPFF last week (0506-0510)?
Weekly Report · 05/13 11:20
U.S. Presidential Election: The Key Implications For Commodities
MoneyTalk's Greg Bonnell speaks with Bart Melek, Global Head of Commodity Strategy at TD Securities. The US presidential election could have implications for commodities, including copper, silver and oil. A Republican administration in the White House could mean less environmental spending for electric vehicles and other commodities.
Seeking Alpha · 05/11 10:00
Gold Monthly: Gold Breaks New Highs
Seeking Alpha · 05/09 19:40
Mastering The Market During A 'Decade Of Disruption'
Home Investing Strategy Portfolio Strategy Mastering The Market During A 'Decade Of Disruption' The 2020s are shaping up to be a decade of immense change and disruption. A long-term perspective, diversification, and a focus on resilient sectors and income-generating assets are key to thriving in this disruptive decade. The COVID-19 pandemic, large stimulus spending, increasing debt levels, and geopolitical conflicts have created an environment of heightened uncertainty and inflation.
Seeking Alpha · 05/09 10:55
Industrial Metals Monthly: Has The Copper Rally Gone Too Far, Too Soon?
Seeking Alpha · 05/08 15:30
Why We Are At The Start Of A Multi-Year Gold Bull Market
Dollar gold price aggressively broke a multiyear resistance level on the back of escalating wars, worrying asset bubbles, and sticky inflation. From a technical perspective, the price of gold has broken out from a multi-year consolidation phase. Gold is undervalued and can easily double in price over the coming years. We are in a boom as gold as a share of global financial assets is low.
Seeking Alpha · 05/08 07:25
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