Weekly Report: what happened at ZROZ last week (0617-0621)?
Weekly Report · 16h ago
How Rates Stand As Fed Cuts Near
The Federal Reserve will likely cut rates later in the year. Interest rates are currently elevated across fixed-income asset classes. Expectations have turned hawkish, with the market expecting fewer rate cuts in the coming years. Higher-quality, investment-grade bonds seem more attractive than high-yield bonds.
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What Does The Bank Of England's Delayed Rate Cut Imply For U.S.?
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The Case For Portfolio Rebalancing Looks Compelling
Home Investing Strategy Portfolio Strategy The Case For Portfolio Rebalancing Looks Compelling. For US equities, the case for tamping down expectations looks persuasive. US Treasuries are starting to show an upside bias lately. The view that the bear market for bonds is over is attracting more attention.
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AI And Govt Bond Yields - Onwards And Upwards?
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Brad Simpson On Rates, A Cautious Fed, And The Implications For Markets
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Cooling U.S. Consumer Spending Points To Weakening Inflation Threat
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Fed Awaits Better Inflation Data, Treasury Yields Continue To Decline
Fed Awaits Better Inflation Data, Treasury Yields Continue To Decline. Small- and mid-cap stocks added to the Russell indices on June 24 are typically the biggest winners. The Fed did not lower its inflation forecast and raised its unemployment forecast to 4.1%. Treasury yields continued to decline in the wake of the better-than-expected CPI and PPI.
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4 Best ETF Areas of Last Week
NASDAQ · 6d ago
Consensus Forms At Outlook Forum
BlackRock investment leaders recently met to discuss our Midyear Outlook. There’s a growing consensus that interest rates will stay high for longer due to persistent inflation. We see central banks forced to keep interest rates higher than before the pandemic. The Fed has gradually been adjusting to the reality that rates will need to stay high.
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Beware The Franco-German Spread
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Weekly Market Pulse: A Concentrated Bet
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Weekly Report: what happened at ZROZ last week (0610-0614)?
Weekly Report · 06/17 09:38
Interest Rates: What The Fed Is Thinking
Seeking Alpha · 06/15 12:30
Federal Reserve Dot Plot: Conflicted And Open To Persuasion
Seeking Alpha · 06/15 03:00
June FOMC Meeting: Just One Cut This Year... But Do They Really Mean That?
Seeking Alpha · 06/15 01:20
Fed Policy: One Month Of Good Data Is Not Enough
One softer-than-expected monthly inflation reading didn't stop Federal Reserve officials from delaying the expected start of interest rate cuts. Core consumer price index inflation registered its softest monthly reading in almost three years. The Fed adjusted higher its estimate for where its policy rate would land at year-end. Overall, the CPI and Fed news did not change our near-term outlook.
Seeking Alpha · 06/14 13:45
James Grant: Rates Are Going Much Higher. Is He Right?
Seeking Alpha · 06/14 11:50
It's Time To Cut Rates
The Fed should cut rates. July would be the right time to start, in my opinion. There are numerous signs that cutting could be appropriate - rising unemployment, rising claims, falling hourly earnings. The election puts the Fed in a bind - they don’t want to look political.
Seeking Alpha · 06/14 10:30
ZROZ ETF: Better Staying On The Sidelines For Now
ZROZ is a long-term zero-coupon bond vehicle managed by PIMCO. The ZROZ ETF has shed nearly 15% of its value in the past year. We believe the volatile interest rate environment makes this long-duration bond vehicle unattractive. A rising term premium and liquidity worries might dampen its pricing and dividend-based prospects.
Seeking Alpha · 06/13 21:49
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