Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype
Home Market Outlook: Today's Market Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype. Nvidia's stock surged 15% this week, boosting market capitalization to $10 trillion. The massive 'doomsday glacier' is undergoing a 'vigorous ice melt' that could reshape sea level rise projections.
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Holiday Overview: The State Of Play
The US dollar traded mostly higher last week. The dollar traded above JPY157 for the first time since May 1. The US 10-year yield bottomed near in mid-May and reached last week to test the 20-day moving average. Sterling reached a two-month high near $.
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Weekly Report: what happened at YCL last week (0520-0524)?
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Week Ahead: Near-Term Dollar Outlook Less Clear Than A Week Ago
Stronger than expected data and hawkish FOMC minutes lifted US rates and the dollar last week. Sterling remained resilient despite weak economic data, but rate expectations were impacted by stronger than expected CPI. The G7 finance ministers took a tougher stance against China's trade practices. The dollar's setback may not signal the resumption of a lower trend.
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Calmer Markets Ahead Of The Weekend
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U.K. CPI Disappoints
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Weekly Report: what happened at YCL last week (0513-0517)?
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Week Ahead: After Rallying Since Mid-April, Are The G10 Currencies Tired?
The highlight of the week may be the preliminary May PMI estimates. The US announced a new tariff regime on Chinese goods. The dollar has generally been trending lower since mid-April. The upcoming string of US economic data is unlikely to move the needle for policymakers. Sterling has appreciated by about four cents over the past four weeks.
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The Dollar Continues To Recover
The dollar's recovery begun yesterday has extended into today's activity. The greenback is higher against all the G10 currencies and most emerging market currencies. China's new property initiative may not have helped the yuan. Japan's markets were mixed, but South Korea, Taiwan, and New Zealand shares fell. Gold is consolidating after reaching a four week high yesterday.
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Will USD Be Bought After Being Sold On Expectations Of A Softer CPI?
The market expects softer US CPI and retail sales data today. The dollar is trading weakly against G10 currencies and emerging market currencies. US interest rates are softer, with Treasury yields at their lowest level since April 10. Softer yields and a weaker dollar have lifted gold and copper to record levels.
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Powell, PPI, And U.S. Tariff Announcement On China Featured
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Weak Yen Unlikely To End Japan's Rally
Weak yen is unlikely to end the positive momentum in Japanese equities. The drivers of the recent rally remain, so we stay overweight Japanese stocks. The yen's weakness is caused by the gap between Fed and Bank of Japan policy rates. A weak yen affects Japanese companies and sectors differently.
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Weekly Report: what happened at YCL last week (0506-0510)?
Weekly Report · 05/13 11:39
Riksbank Cuts, Oil Slips, And The Yen Remains Under Pressure
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Japan may intervene if yen fluctuates excessively, top forex official warns
Japan may intervene if yen fluctuates excessively, top forex official warns. Many suspect Japanese authorities intervened twice last week to support the yen. The yen is currently trading at 154.41 per dollar. Japan's top currency official says the government may have to intervene in case of irregular, speculation-driven foreign exchange moves.
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Yen Slips, Yuan Jumps, Dollar Is Mostly Softer
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Weekly Report: what happened at YCL last week (0429-0503)?
Weekly Report · 05/06 11:47
May 2024 Monthly
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Dollar Is Softer Ahead Of The Employment Report
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Japan Drives Home Message
US dollar is mixed, but the spotlight is on the Japanese yen. The offshore yuan is trading stronger than the onshore yuan for the first time this year. Gold rebounded yesterday from nearly one-month lows but stalled around $2329. Japanese officials sold dollars shortly after the US equity market closed yesterday.
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