A Tale Of Two Indices
The S&P 500 is on pace to outperform the Dow by over eight percentage points in the first five months of 2024. The last two years have seen the widest margin of outperformance between the S&p 500 and the Dow. Even after today’s decline, the Dow still sits on a year-to-date gain of over 10%.
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Dividends And Earnings Say, The S&P's Current Price Is About Right
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The S&P 500 Coasts Into Fifth Up Week Ahead Of Holiday Weekend
The S&P 500 ekes out its fifth consecutive "up" week. The index set a new record-high close of 5, on May 21. The Atlanta Fed's GDPNow forecast for 2024's real GDP growth rate is down from the previous week's estimate. The S&p 500 closed at 5 on the Friday before Memorial Holiday weekend.
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Should WisdomTree U.S. MidCap Dividend ETF (DON) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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Weekly Report: what happened at VOE last week (0520-0524)?
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Earnings Exceeding Expectations
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There Is Nothing Wrong With S&P 500 Earnings
This week, the S&P 500 closed at 5, while the close last week was 5. The forward 4-quarter estimate for the s&p 500 dropped a little this week to $. The Q1 ’24 bottom-up earnings growth rate is expected to finish at 10.8%. Technology and technology companies are leading the S &P 500. There is nothing wrong with the stock market.
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Analysts Anticipate VOE To Hit $167
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Should First Trust Mid Cap Value AlphaDEX ETF (FNK) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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Passive Investing Could Be Very Costly. What's Your Plan If A Market Correction Strikes?
The Magnificent Seven group of tech companies account for an aggregate US$13 trillion in the S&P 500. The group of seven companies is the most concentrated since the dot-com boom of the 1990s. The price-to-earnings ratio of the Magnificent seven is not yet at levels seen during the 1999 tech bubble. The seven companies have exhibited remarkable sales and margin growth.
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Spring 2024 Snapshot Of The Future For S&P 500 Dividends
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Should WisdomTree U.S. MidCap ETF (EZM) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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Spring 2024 Snapshot Of Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
Every three months, we take a snapshot of the expectations for future earnings in the S&P 500. Since our last update three months ago, expectations for the s&p 500's earnings have improved. The s&P500's earnings per share had been expected to return to their March 2022 peak of $ after June 2024.
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Should iShares Morningstar Mid-Cap Value ETF (IMCV) Be on Your Investing Radar?
NASDAQ · 05/21 10:20
S&P 500 Coasts To New Record High On Fed's Assurance Of No Rate Hikes
The S&P 500 set a new record high of 5, on Wednesday, 15 May 2024. The Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed above the 40,000 milestone during the trading week that ended on Friday, 17 May 2024 . Jerome Powell assured markets the week's higher-than-expected producer price inflation report would not lead to a hike in short-term interest rates.
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Weekly Report: what happened at VOE last week (0513-0517)?
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Should SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETF (MDYV) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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CEO Uncertainty Remains High Even As Q1 Earnings Season Ends Better-Than-Expected
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Should Invesco S&P MidCap 400 Revenue ETF (RWK) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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Should Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF (VOE) Be on Your Investing Radar?
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