January 2024 PCE Data; Two Interesting Charts On China And High-Yield
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Weekly Report: what happened at UST last week (0219-0223)?
Weekly Report · 20h ago
Core Implications Of January Inflation Data
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Markets Continue To Price In Path For Rate Cuts In 2024
markets continue to price in path for rate cuts in 2024, says James Picerno. The markets have delayed rather than canceled expectations that the Federal Reserve will start trimming interest rates in the near future. The Treasury market continues toPrice in rate cuts as well, based on the policy-sensitive 2-year yield. A model that compares the Fed funds rate to inflation and unemployment suggests that policy is tight and so rate cuts are reasonable.
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Are Rate Increases Unthinkable?
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Inflation And Consumer Sentiment
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Higher For Longer Inflation And Interest Rates Not Over Until The Fat Lady Sings?
Seeking Alpha · 02/20 04:46
Weekly Report: what happened at UST last week (0212-0216)?
Weekly Report · 02/19 09:41
Led By The Fed
Americans now owe a collective $1.13 trillion on their credit cards, with an average balance of $6,360. The Fed’s tightening has also had a major effect on corporate borrowings and mergers and acquisitions. The underlying floor of our coming markets continues to be the Fed and when they might lower interest rates.
Seeking Alpha · 02/18 23:35
Stalling Disinflation: Delivering A Heavy Blow To Market Rate Expectations
January Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index inflation reports both came in hotter than expected - underscoring the challenge of reaching the Fed's 2% inflation target. The latest U.S. CPI print showed that annual core inflation failed to decline, flatlining at 3.9% in January. The Fed has emphasized the need for additional evidence of sustained disinflation before cutting rates. The market's expectations are beginning to fall in line with a more moderate expectation of three to four rate cuts.
Seeking Alpha · 02/17 01:35
The Sloppy Dance Between The U.S. 10-Year Yield And Inflation
Seeking Alpha · 02/15 16:30
On My Mind: Inflation - The Fed's Sticky Wicket
Seeking Alpha · 02/15 08:00
U.S. Inflation Data A Reminder Fed's Inflation Fight Isn't Over Yet
U.S. CPI data for January came in hotter than expected. Inflation in the United States has not been tamed. Greg Bonnell and Alexandra Gorewicz discuss what this means for interest rates and the bond market. The Fed's rate cut euphoria may have been too much in the markets, they say.
Seeking Alpha · 02/15 01:44
Mythbusters: The Treasury Yields Episode
Kevin Flanagan believes whatever happens to the Fed Funds Rate will be passed along to the Treasury yield curve in a similar fashion. Just because the Fed may cut rates later this year, it doesn't mean the UST 10-Year yield will move down in lockstep. The correlation between Fed Funds and the 3-month T-bill is extremely tight.
Seeking Alpha · 02/15 01:16
An Inflation Resurgence, Or Just Relative Price Changes?
Seeking Alpha · 02/14 15:15
Is The June Rate Cut Off The Table?
Seeking Alpha · 02/14 11:30
Beneath The Skin Of CPI Inflation, January: Spike In 'Core Services' Inflation
Seeking Alpha · 02/14 11:22
January U.S. CPI: A Small Setback For The Immaculate Disinflation
Seeking Alpha · 02/14 01:12
January CPI Report: Inflation Progress Stalls
January Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed that inflation was, once again, hotter than expected. Both headline and core monthly inflation accelerated in January. The January inflation report shows that it is too early for the Fed to declare victory. The Fed's favored supercore inflation measure extended its recent upward trend.
Seeking Alpha · 02/14 00:35
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