The Economy And The Treasury Yield Curve Decoupled, But Save The Rally
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Weekly Report: what happened at SPXV last week (0520-0524)?
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S&P 500: A Warning From The July Top, Week Starting 27th May (Technical Analysis)
S&P 500 held the 5264 re-test of the March high on Thursday. The "engulfing" bar from Thursday is a danger sign, last seen at a 52-week high in July 2023. The last time the S&p 500 made this pattern, it formed the 27th July '23 top. The May bar will close on Friday.
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The Market Is Beginning The Process Of Pricing In Fed Rate Hikes
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And Then There Was One
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The Risk Of Recession Isn't Zero
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis The Risk Of Recession Isn't Zero. Wall Street economists increasingly believe the risk of recession has fallen sharply. Lance Roberts: The economy's recession risk may be low currently, but it isn't zero. The surge of monetary injections sent the economy into overdrive.
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The Fed Warns About The Everything Bubble
The Fed released the minutes from the May FOMC meeting on Wednesday. The Fed warns that "valuations across a range of markets appeared high relative to risk-adjusted cash flows" This is a warning about the "everything bubble" The Fed says house prices are elevated relative to the rents. These bubbles are inflationary via the wealth effect and the Fed will be forced to burst them.
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Hawkish Fed Minutes Indicate Rate Hikes Could Still Be Coming
The Fed minutes read much more hawkishly than expected. The Fed is not nearly as confident on the path of inflation as previously thought. The odds for rate hikes are better than what would have been thought. Inflation trends are not favorable for rate cuts in 2024 at all.
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Business Conditions Monthly March 2024
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Teen Jobs Dip In April 2024
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U.S. Economy Still On Track For Modest Pickup In Growth For Q2
US Economy Still On Track For Modest Pickup In Growth For Q2 US economic activity is expected to post a modestly firmer increase in the second quarter. A possible early sign of trouble for later this year is the ongoing slowdown in labor market growth. A new poll of Americans “wrongly believe the US is in an economic recession”
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Benchmarking Your Portfolio May Have More Risk Than You Think
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Subprime Auto Loans Are Getting Messy
In April, of subprime auto loans were 60 days or more delinquent, the worst April on record. Subprime delinquencies were already rising from 2015 through 2019. Nearly all subprime lending is for used vehicles, and most of it is for older used vehicles.
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S&P 500: It Is All About Liquidity
David Ksir: Liquidity is the key factor that drives market performance. He says the S&P 500 is in a secular growth trend. The aging population and slow growth require more liquidity, he says. The Fed's balance sheet and interest rates are the most important drivers of valuation.
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Weekly Report: what happened at SPXV last week (0513-0517)?
Weekly Report · 05/20 11:30
S&P 500 Earnings And StyleBox Update: Can Nvidia Earnings Re-Ignite A Rather Subdued Tech Sector?
Home Earnings Analysis S&P 500 Earnings And StyleBox Update: Can Nvidia Earnings Re-Ignite A Rather Subdued Tech Sector? With Nvidia scheduled to report their quarterly results on 5/22/24 after the closing bell, earnings season has likely been extended for another week. Nvidia is the new stock market darling.
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The Slowdown Is Here, And Markets Cheer
Consumer confidence for April came in well below economists’ expectations. The market loves itself a Goldilocks economy, where modest growth is paired with declining inflation and a better likelihood of interest rate cuts. The slowdown is here, and markets are fine with that, says ismagilov.
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Federal Reserve Watch: Plenty Of Money Still Around
Federal Reserve has been reducing the size of its securities portfolio by over $1 trillion. The M2 money stock has increased at a compound annual rate of $20 trillion over the past four years. Despite the reduction in the Federal Reserve's securities portfolio, there is still plenty of money circulating around in the banking system.
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S&P 500: Too Easy, Week Starting 20th May (Technical Analysis)
The S&P 500 is back in blue sky at new all-time highs. Next week's call looks easy - everything is bullish and the rally should continue. A dip should hold 5264. But what if it doesn't? Andrew McElroy updates the outlook for the week starting 20th May.
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How Did The Fed Come Up With That 2% Inflation Target? Consider The Facts
Jim Sloan says the Fed has a 2% inflation goal for the US economy. The long term average for inflation is actually slightly above 3%, contradicting the Fed's 2% goal. The natural tendency of inflation is probably 3% and the Fed will find it difficult to reach a sustainable 2%. Inflation is an established element in stock returns.
Seeking Alpha · 05/18 13:51
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