Preparing For Rising Volatility
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Weekly Report: what happened at SPXT last week (0617-0621)?
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The Market Is Decoupled With The Treasury Yield Curve Partially - And What Now?
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis The Market Is Decoupled With The Treasury Yield Curve Partially - And What Now? Young Kwon: The S&P 500 Index hit fresh records 31 times in 2024, with 9 sessions of increases and 5 sessions of decreases. The Federal Reserve's long forecasting model focuses on bank lending margins over yield curve stiffness.
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S&P 500: Hold Your Nose And Buy, Week Starting June 24th (Technical Analysis)
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A Post-OPEX Liquidity Drain Could Rattle The Stock Market This Week
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Wall Street Exclusive: An Election That Will Matter
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Wall Street Exclusive: An Election That Will Matter. The political cycle will now be part of the current macro scene. Political developments will matter more than usual in the near term. The election will have implications for the US macroeconomy and equity markets.
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Federal Reserve Watch: Don't Expect To See A Rate Cut Soon
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The S&P 500 May See A 15% To 20% Decline In H2 2024
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The Diverging Market Presents Opportunity
Half of the S&P 500's returns are driven by the "Magnificent 7" tech stocks. The market is heavily reliant on these tech stocks, but overvaluation poses risks for future shareholder returns. A potential market collapse could lead to a revaluation of overvalued tech stocks in the future. Nvidia is part of the Magnificent 7, but it doesn't have the path to earn profits.
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What I Expect After The Fed Cuts Rates In 2024
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Does The Retail Sales Report Forebode Recession?
Retail sales declined in May and were downwardly revised for prior months. A better picture of consumer spending comes from the personal spending report that includes services, as well as goods. Real retail sales fell just under 1% over the past year. Industrial production for May rose 0.9%, above expectations.
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Data Still Murky
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Is U.S. Recession Risk Rising? Warning Signs Are Starting To Emerge
Recession talk for the US is on the march again. Some indicators are highlighting decelerating growth that could be the start of trouble in the second half of the year into early 2025. Recessionary conditions could start as early as August in the US. The Economic Trend Index and Economic Momentum Index show a marked deterioration in the macro trend.
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Looking Forward: A Macroeconomic Synopsis Useful For Portfolio Positioning
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Warning Flags For The Stock Market
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Trends For Teen Employment In May 2024
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Consumer Survey Shows Rising Bullishness
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Covid + Four: The Market Is At It Again
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Weekly Report: what happened at SPXT last week (0610-0614)?
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5 Things Dividend Investors Need To Know About The Fed, Jobs And Inflation
The U.S. Economy added 272,000 net jobs in May 2024, with a 4% unemployment rate and 4.1% wage growth. The Fed expects unemployment to stabilize at 4.2%. Inflation is showing signs of cooling and the Fed is expected to cut interest rates this year. The latest jobs report shows a stronger-than-expected jobs market in May.
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