U.S. Banks Disappoint. But Are There Bright Spots Ahead?
Earnings have fallen more than 50% this year because of slow loan growth, lower margins, and higher provisions.The excess capital over regulatory minimums should give investors confidence banks can weather further headwinds.Future risks include lower for longer interest rates and the potential for higher taxes in the coming quarters.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 10:11
Financial Sector's Expected 2020 And 2021 EPS And Revenue Growth
The expected 2020 EPS growth rate for the Financial sector improved from -36% to -32% by the end of July '20 but has remained stagnant since.2021's expected revenue growth was greater than the 2020 percentage decline until April 10th, and then, 2020's expected percentage decline eclipsed 2021's expected revenue growth, and the difference has grown since.Banks have an excess of capital today, pending the addition to credit losses expected in the Q3 earnings releases, but at some point, the Fed will likely allow the return of capital once again via share buybacks. The big question is, when will that happen and what will be the impact on EPS?
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 03:19
Buy These ETFs if U.S. Yield Curve Flattens Further
U.S. yield curve has flattened for the first time since October. Buy these ETFs.
Zacks · 01/31/2020 13:00
How to Short Financial Sector With ETFs
Given the massive outflow and the bearish outlook, the appeal for financial ETFs, especially banks, has dulled. As a result, investors who are bearish on the sector right now may want to consider a near-term short.
Zacks · 08/13/2019 16:15
Top Performing Financials ETFs of 2018
Investopedia · 04/03/2019 22:05
Fear an Inverted Yield Curve? Short Financial Stocks With ETFs
Zacks · 03/25/2019 19:30
Markets in Red: Invest in Inverse ETFs for Solid Returns
Don't worry about the market selloff. Inverse ETFs are there to give you sweet returns.
Zacks · 03/25/2019 18:00
Global Markets in Red for 2018: 8 Inverse ETF Winners
These inverse ETFs stole the show in 2018.
Zacks · 12/18/2018 18:00
Profit From Bearish Financial Sector With Inverse ETFs
Zacks · 12/17/2018 16:01
Bank Stocks in Bear Market: Short Sector With These ETFs
Play these inverse financial ETFs as bank stocks slip into bear market.
Zacks · 12/05/2018 13:00
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