Sideways, With A Splash Of Uncertainty
The S&P 500 established its last record high on the last Thursday in March, right before the long Easter weekend. The market has bounced around in a mostly directionless manner since then. The Q1 earnings season is officially underway as of Friday. The recent decline in stock prices has taken a relatively short-lived effect.
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IVE: Solid Value ETF That Is A Bit Pricey
IShares S&P 500 Value ETF could be a solid addition for investors looking to add a value component to their portfolio. Value companies trade below their perceived intrinsic value and may offer room for outperformance. With hopes of the Fed lowering interest rates in 2024 waning, value stocks may have an edge over growth stocks. IVE is a passively managed ETF of the value subset of the S&p 500.
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JVAL: A Smart Approach To Value
JPMorgan U.S. Value Factor ETF has a smarter strategy than most passive value funds. The JVAL ETF is overweight in technology, which is unusual in a value fund portfolio. The fund tracks the JP Morgan US Value Factor Index. JVAL is cheaper than the Russell 1000 and has lower growth rates than other value ETFs.
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Q1 2024 Earnings Preview: Will Reports Be Good Enough To Turn Markets Positive
Q1 earnings season kicks off with Q1 2024 S&P 500 EPS growth expected to come in at 3.2%. The second quarter got off to a rocky start as major indices closed lower last week. Buybacks and dividend increases were on the rise in Q1. The Consumer Price Index for March was higher than expected.
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IUS: A Superior Large-Cap Value ETF
Invesco RAFI™ Strategic US ETF combines a fundamental score of company size and a quality score. The IUS ETF is better balanced than the S&P 500 index and has cheaper valuation ratios. IUS beats the benchmark and a number of large-cap value funds.
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VOOV: A Decent Passively Managed Value ETF, But Not The Best
Vanguard S&P 500 Value Index Fund ETF Shares has a lower tracking error than two other funds based on the same index. The fund is heavy in financials, but better diversified across sectors than the S&p 500. VOOV is a direct competitor to iShares and SPYV, which track the same benchmark. It is the most recent and less liquid of the three funds but has the best price return.
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Weekly Report: what happened at RPV last week (0401-0405)?
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What's Going On With Paramount Global Stock Following Reported Talks Of Skydance Merger?
Paramount Global (NASDAQ:PARA) is in exclusive discussions with Skydance, the studio behind Top Gun: Maverick. The company turned down a $26 billion bid from Apollo Global Management, Inc. To acquire majority of the media group. David Ellison has a 30-day window to negotiate a deal with the studio.
Benzinga · 04/04 12:37
Spring 2024 Snapshot Of The S&P 500's Market Cap
Microsoft has become the biggest company in the S&P 500 with a market cap of nearly $3.3 trillion as of 28 March 2024. The first quarter of 2024 has come and gone. The index clocked a new record high of 5,254.35. The Top 10 stocks in the index together accounted for 32.5% of its total valuation.
Seeking Alpha · 04/04 12:20
Four Reasons To Consider Value Investing Now
Seeking Alpha · 04/03 12:30
Is Invesco S&P 500 Pure Value ETF (RPV) a Strong ETF Right Now?
NASDAQ · 04/03 10:20
Weekly Report: what happened at RPV last week (0325-0329)?
Weekly Report · 04/01 11:21
Equities Ride The Magnificent Seven Wave - Time To Diversify?
The Magnificent Seven make up almost 30% of the S&P 500 market capitalization. Much of the rally in equities can be attributed to the performance of a handful of mega-cap stocks. Equal Weight Index futures enable investors to trade the market breadth, allowing for more diversification and less concentration. Seven Mega Cap Stocks Have Largely Been Driving the U.S. Stock Market.
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Weekly Report: what happened at RPV last week (0318-0322)?
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Universal Capitulation And No Margin Of Safety
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Universal Capitulation And No Margin Of Safety. The market is in a two-tier frenzy between the 'new economy' and the 'old economy' stocks. The U.S. Stock market stands at valuation extremes. Present-top valuation extremes might be the most extreme speculative bubble in history.
Seeking Alpha · 03/23 10:30
4 Years Later: The Portfolio Decision I'm Glad I Didn't Make
Seeking Alpha · 03/21 10:52
Noteworthy ETF Inflows: RPV, GM, F, VTRS
NASDAQ · 03/20 16:14
Quarterly S&P 500 Dividend Futures Rise, Signal Potential Turbulence Ahead
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Quarterly S&P 500 Dividend Futures Rise, Signal Potential Turbulence Ahead. The outlook for the index's dividends has continued to improve over the last six weeks. The market turbulence would most likely take place during the upcoming quarter of 2024-Q2.
Seeking Alpha · 03/20 13:30
Invesco 500 Pure Value ETF declares quarterly distribution of $0.5319
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Weekly Report: what happened at RPV last week (0311-0315)?
Weekly Report · 03/18 11:22
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