Security Stocks Eye Best Week in Months as List of Hacks Grows
Bloomberg · 06/11 18:01
Invesco Fires Next Shot in Fee War With Funds Charging Nothing
Bloomberg · 06/11 15:07
Investors are ditching bitcoin and returning to gold, J.P. Morgan says: At the Open
Institutional investors look like they are moving away from Bitcoin and back to traditional gold in a dramatic change in fund flows, J.P. Morgan says.Bitcoin (BTC-USD) is down another 12% early, while
Seekingalpha · 05/19 12:35
Canadian regulator clears launch of world's first bitcoin ETF - investment manager · 02/12 18:34
Cathie Wood’s Flagship Fund Posts Largest Outflow on Record
The largest product from Cathie Wood’s prominent exchange-traded fund lineup did something unusual on Tuesday -- it posted outflows.
Bloomberg · 12/30/2020 15:50
Goldman doesn't see Bitcoin's rally cannibalizing gold
Goldman Sachs is the latest to weigh into the gold vs. Bitcoin (BTC-USD) debate after JPMorgan argued that the rise of cryptocurrencies in mainstream finance is coming at the expense
Seekingalpha · 12/18/2020 10:22
How Gold Gets To $3,000
It's monetary inflation (i.e., money supply growth) that determines gold's value, not price inflation.Gold would need to increase to ~$2,400 to get back in line with M2.The U.S. will continue to fund these deficits with more debt and debt monetization. This will result in the rate of M2 growth remaining far higher than historical norms.Physical gold and gold mining stocks remain one of the best options for investors that want portfolio protection from the monetary inflation that is occurring now and that will occur in the future.
Seekingalpha · 10/22/2020 18:15
Gold Should Get A Stimulus Boost
Gold has been suppressed by a rally in 10-year Treasury yields.The dollar is still in the driver's seat for gold, however.I expect the dollar to weaken once the next U.S. stimulus is announced.A falling dollar will strengthen gold's price, pushing it above $2,100.
Seekingalpha · 10/22/2020 04:33
Gold Will Surge, Just Not Yet
The election cycle and exploding Fed balance sheet will help push gold up.On a number of metrics, gold remains cheap.In the very near term, gold will be pressured until catalysts emerge.  But then it promises to head much, much higher.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 16:21
Gold Reflects The Policy Fiasco
Western policymakers embark increasingly on centrally planned economic policies.Aggregate debt levels and central bank balance sheets inflate continually and not countercyclically.The monetary policy adopted by the Fed and ECB proved already ineffective in Japan.Gold is likely to continue its short-term rally before technicals weaken.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 13:33
Gold And Silver Showing Signs Of 'Fatigue'
In the long run, the constant rise in liquidity injected by central banks to assist the restrictive economies will support assets with limited supply, such as gold and silver.However, the rise in uncertainty over the US elections and new rounds of lockdowns to fight the pandemic will increase demand for safe assets such as the USD.A stronger USD may weigh on both gold and silver in the short run, which have already started to show some signs of fatigue.
Seekingalpha · 10/21/2020 04:45
Silver Investment Demand Will Power Silver To A New All-Time High
Silver in percentage terms will outperform gold in this precious metal bull market.Investors are in an acquisitive mood as the demand for physical silver takes off.Demand via the silver-backed exchange-traded products (ETPs) has just about tripled in the first nine months of this year.Avoid the day to day and even the week to week oscillations in the silver market as this is no more than a distraction from the emerging bull market in the precious metals space.
Seekingalpha · 10/20/2020 19:39
Gold Is Still A Great Opportunity: Hirst
U.S. equity markets have been in a holding pattern since early September, but we’ll likely see a relief rally following the election.Yield curve control will make the environment very hard to price and the safety valve for the inflation play will be precious metals.Europe’s approach to stimulus has delayed insolvency for many companies and continues supporting jobs that may never be coming back, which is having a zombification effect.
Seekingalpha · 10/16/2020 03:00
Investors Are Buying Into Stimulus, You Should Too
Investors are keen on a new potential $1.8 Trillion stimulus package for the economy.The eventuality of the markets tempering themselves from their on/off selling from the stimulus package and election jitters are offering buying opportunities.Equity indexes are up considerably for the week after a large sell-off on Tuesday.
Seekingalpha · 10/16/2020 00:35
Gold: The Metals Are Finally Ready For Take-Off
In March, we saw a shift in paradigm with gold going from being a commodity to being a currency, while the US dollar became a commodity.It is a fiat or paper currency. Trust in its value has been falling since 1971 when the US went off the gold standard.It has fallen in value more than 98% since then.Now, we are entering the second phase of this crisis. We will begin to see the magnitude of the damage.Federal aid is ending, and homelessness is going to skyrocket. The system is under extreme stress.
Seekingalpha · 10/15/2020 00:11
Another Look At Gold Versus Inflation Expectations
Contrary to popular opinion, gold tends to perform relatively poorly when inflation expectations are rising and relatively well when inflation expectations are falling.The rebound in the commodity/gold ratio from its April 2020 low was much weaker than the rebound in inflation expectations.This happened because there are forces in addition to inflation expectations that act on the commodity/gold ratio and some of these forces have continued to favour gold over commodities.
Seekingalpha · 10/13/2020 20:52
The Case For Gold
As highlighted in The Lead-Lag Report, conditions for intermediate risk-off sentiment via the Lumber-Gold Signal are almost here. Gold functions well during heightened volatility.India, the largest consumer of gold, is entering the festival and wedding season.Added stimulus and inflation effects bode well for gold.
Seekingalpha · 10/13/2020 16:05
Inflows Of Gold Into ETFs Tops 1,000 Tons On The Year
Globally, ETFs added gold for the 10th straight month in September and pushed total inflows to over 1,000 tons on the year.So far in 2020, ETFs have added 1,003 tons of gold, taking total holdings to an all-time high of 3,880 tons and $235 billion in assets under management.The WGC also noted that central banks seem willing to let inflation run hot, a bullish policy for gold.
Seekingalpha · 10/13/2020 10:51
Gold Stocks Are Cheap, But Not For Long
Despite recent strength, gold stocks are still at historically cheap valuation levels.The US dollar might still rally in the near term, weighing on gold and gold stocks.Buying the current pullback could provide outstanding returns as gold stocks generate growing profits.
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 16:33
Gold: Economic Damage Has Been Done To The System And The U.S. Dollar
We are facing the worst pandemic in 100 years, while also facing an economic challenge that makes the 2007 recession appear very small in comparison.The financial markets are in the stratosphere compared to what is happening on Main Street.It is difficult to feel comfortable with what is going on politically and economically.
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 15:30
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