Big tech earnings and the ETFs that can be affected
The five largest companies in the S&P 500 index are set to report their earnings for the first quarter of 2021. Alphabet, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, representing north of
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Cathie Wood Buys Back Option That Had Threatened Control of Ark
The fight for control of Ark Investment Management is over after Chief Executive Officer Cathie Wood purchased the option that threatened her control.
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Covid Online Boom Just the Start for Top Emerging-Market ETF
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Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF declares quarterly distribution of $0.4499
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF (MGK) - $0.4499.30-Day SEC Yield of 0.62% as of Nov. 30.Payable Dec 30; for shareholders of record Dec 28; ex-div Dec 24.
Seekingalpha · 12/23/2020 16:15
Hedge-Fund Copycats Rally as Academics Defend Embattled Strategy
Investing products designed to bring hedge-fund strategies to the masses are on course for one of their best months in more than a decade, as the latest research argues the oft-maligned trades have robust foundations.
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Make-or-Break Volatility Event Is Looming in Options Expiration
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The 2020 SPAC Attack Hits ETF Land
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Mysterious Mega-Flows Rotate Through World’s Biggest Tech ETF
The amount of cash cycling through one of the world’s largest exchange-traded funds is turning heads across Wall Street.
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Credit Liquidity Risk Is Rising Thanks to the Boom in Bond ETFs
Plenty on Wall Street fear the explosive growth of passive investing will eventually store up trouble for bond portfolios. An academic from the Swiss Finance Institute has found evidence it has already begun.
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ETFs Beat 2020 Chaos With Help From Well-Timed SEC Rule Shake-Up
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Effective Tax-Loss Harvesting Using The CRSP - Q3 2020 Portfolio Review
Tax-Loss Harvesting can be an effective method for long-term investors to reduce their overall tax liability, thereby putting more money to work.The CRSP ETF lineup is one of the purest forms of tax-loss harvesting available to investors today.My portfolio finished +7.81% for 3Q 2020 and is reviewed heading into 4Q 2020.
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QQQs Stellar ETF Rise
The critics have been many, but this successful ETF just keeps on succeeding. · 10/08/2020 09:00
Wild Market Swings Drive Record $1.8 Billion Into Treasury Fund
Before Monday’s rebound in risk assets, investors rushed into the biggest long-dated Treasury ETF at a record pace.
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Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF declares quarterly distribution of $0.2673
Vanguard Mega Cap Growth ETF (MGK) - $0.2673.30-Day SEC Yield of 0.62% as of Aug. 31.Payable Sep 16; for shareholders of record Sep 14; ex-div Sep 11.
Seekingalpha · 09/10/2020 16:23
MGK: Buy And Hold
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/30/2020 18:31
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