Bond Shorts Burned After Tech Selloff Reignites Treasury Rally
Newly minted bond bears got a harsh lesson in market timing on Tuesday as a precipitous drop in technology shares sent investors in search of havens.
Bloomberg · 09/08 18:53
Blue-Chip ETFs Hold Up During Massive Selloff in Tech Shares
As the brutal technology rout deepens, exchange-traded fund investors are placing bets on value.
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Investors Buying the Dip Pour Billions Into Two Nasdaq Funds
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Hedge Fund’s Buying Spree During Credit Slump Fuels 36% Return
Distressed-assets specialist Alp Ercil went on a billion-dollar buying spree in March and April, bargain-hunting amid the indiscriminate selloff in credit markets, a person familiar with the matter said.
Bloomberg · 09/06 21:00
An ETF For Every Theme: COVID-19 Lightning Round With Global X (Podcast Transcript)
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An ETF For Every Theme: COVID-19 Lightning Round With Global X (Podcast)
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Watch out for single-stock risk as Chinese equities slide, Tesla soars: ETF manager
With speculative plays like Virgin Galactic and Tesla soaring, investors should be careful picking individual stocks, warns John Davi, founder and chief investment officer of Astoria Portfolio Advisors. · 02/19 22:17
China and Tesla: Here's what's hot in the ETF space right now
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Tesla shares popped Monday after Shanghai officials said they would help the electric-car maker get its gigafactory back up and running, and market commentators see more runway for the wildly swinging stock. · 02/10 21:42