Saudi Total Oil Exports Rose From 6.07M Barrels/Day In June To 6.64M Barrels/Day In July; Saudi Arabia Crude Output Rose By 0.995M Barrels/Day Month On Month To 8.479M Barrels/Day In July
Reuters · 4d ago
MENA Market Outlook: Managing The Economic Fallout
While the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the near-term profitability of many companies across the globe, it's important for investors to take a long-term view.Global policymakers continue to perform a balancing act between containing the global COVID-19 pandemic and managing the economic fallout.MENA stock markets have rallied from the lows hit during the height of the pandemic-driven selloff this spring, but the realities of the pandemic and lower oil prices have rendered a weaker outlook for the remainder of 2020.As active investors, we don't think we are done with COVID-19 challenges just yet - however, this could also be an opportunity to attract long-term bargain hunters to the MENA region.
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Netflix stock rises 5%, just two days after a mixed earnings report
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