Anatomy Of A Recession Update: What's Different About This Cycle?
Jeffrey Schulze, Head of Economic and Market Strategy at ClearBridge Investments, discusses the updated ClearBridge Recession Risk Dashboard. He says immigration has increased the growth potential of the US economy more than usual. He also shares his views on US equities and the impact of the Magnificent Seven.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Why We Won't See A Recession In 2024
The jobs market is unlikely to lead to a recession in 2024. Wage growth continues to trend lower, while a spike in unemployment that would trigger a recession appears unlikely from here. The labour market is cooling, but is expected to begin to tighten in the coming years. The decline in wage growth has been caused by a lack of labour supply.
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Weekly Market Pulse: A New Paradigm?
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Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0401-0405)?
Weekly Report · 6d ago
U.S. Economic Review And Outlook Q1 2024
Seeking Alpha · 04/04 18:20
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0325-0329)?
Weekly Report · 04/01 10:17
Quick Thoughts: Do Elections Matter For Markets?
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Quick Thoughts: Do Elections Matter For Markets? Stephen Dover of Franklin Templeton Institute examines the major parties and their potential implications on capital markets in the US 2024 presidential elections. The field is set for the presidential elections for the US in 2024. Dover also discusses the potential implications of competing policy outcomes for capital markets.
Seeking Alpha · 03/28 13:35
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0318-0322)?
Weekly Report · 03/25 10:19
U.S. Recession Probability Nears A Double Top
The odds the U.S. Economy will see a recession start in the next 12 months are nearing a double top. The prospect for a recession has ticked up since bottoming in December 2023. The inversion of the Treasury curve has deepened since then. The Federal Reserve is expected to meet in March 2024 to discuss setting short-term interest rates.
Seeking Alpha · 03/19 21:30
Weekly Market Pulse: An Economic Overview
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Weekly Market Pulse: An Economic Overview. Joseph Calhoun: The evolution of the US economy has been driven by a return to "normal" The distortions of the response to COVID have had a profound impact on the economy. Real incomes have been rising robustly over the last year.
Seeking Alpha · 03/18 15:15
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0311-0315)?
Weekly Report · 03/18 10:18
Should John Hancock Multifactor Large Cap ETF (JHML) Be on Your Investing Radar?
NASDAQ · 03/14 10:20
The U.S. Economic Bust Continues, But A Recession Has Been Delayed
Seeking Alpha · 03/13 14:50
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0304-0308)?
Weekly Report · 03/11 10:16
Anatomy Of A Recession Update: Soft Landing Chances Rise
Seeking Alpha · 03/08 09:50
Growing Divergences In Small Vs. Large Caps
Seeking Alpha · 03/08 09:50
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0226-0301)?
Weekly Report · 03/04 10:18
Lessons From The Past On How To Position Equity Portfolios In A U.S. Presidential Election Year
The strongest year, by quite a margin, tends to be the third year in a presidential term. The presidential cycle suggests positive equity performance could be expected in the last nine months of 2024. The Third Year of a Presidential Term Is Usually the Strongest for Equity Markets.
Seeking Alpha · 02/28 09:37
Weekly Report: what happened at JHML last week (0219-0223)?
Weekly Report · 02/26 10:26
The U.S. Leading Economic Index Takes One For The Team
The once-reliable US Leading Economic Index has been signaling a US recession for more than a year. The Conference Board, which compiles the indexes, backed off its recession forecast. The economy in the post-pandemic period has surprised on multiple fronts. Every downturn is different, the byproduct of a unique set of factors.
Seeking Alpha · 02/22 15:59
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John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund (the Fund) is a closed-end management investment company. The Fund’s investment objective is to provide total return consisting of a high level of current income and gains and long-term capital appreciation. In pursuing its investment objective of total return, the Fund will seek to emphasize high current income. In pursuing its investment objective, the Fund seeks to achieve favorable after-tax returns for its shareholders by seeking to minimize the United States federal income tax consequences on income and gains generated by the Fund. The fund invests in real estate investment trusts (REITs). John Hancock Investment Management LLC is the investment advisor of the Fund.