Dollar Pulled Back In Europe - New Buying Opportunity?
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Money Supply Growth Is Flattening Out
Seeking Alpha · 6h ago
Bursting The Myth: Understanding Market Bubbles
Investors need to distinguish between market bubbles and regular market cycles. A market bubble is marked by unsustainable price increases unsupported by underlying fundamentals. Russell Investments' analysis of the equity market suggests we are not in a market bubble. The term bubble is often overused and investors need to recognise markets move in cycles.
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Tech Sector Momentum Returns, But Is It Back For The Long Term?
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Tech Sector Momentum Returns, But Is It Back For The long term? Outlook for the tech sector. MoneyTalk’s Greg Bonnell discusses the outlook for the sector and the broader markets with Benjamin Gossack, TD Asset Management.
Seeking Alpha · 18h ago
A Tale Of Two Indices
The S&P 500 is on pace to outperform the Dow by over eight percentage points in the first five months of 2024. The last two years have seen the widest margin of outperformance between the S&p 500 and the Dow. Even after today’s decline, the Dow still sits on a year-to-date gain of over 10%.
Seeking Alpha · 19h ago
2024 Election: What We Think For Markets
Manning & Napier says investors will be best served by maintaining a long-term focus. The election is just six months away. The reality of election years is often less interesting than perception. Markets tend to do fairly well in election years. The economy is slowing and financial markets look fully priced.
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The Stock Market Is Channeling Yogi Berra
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Billionaires Are Signaling The Market Is Due For A Correction: Our Approach
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Dividends And Earnings Say, The S&P's Current Price Is About Right
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The S&P 500 Coasts Into Fifth Up Week Ahead Of Holiday Weekend
The S&P 500 ekes out its fifth consecutive "up" week. The index set a new record-high close of 5, on May 21. The Atlanta Fed's GDPNow forecast for 2024's real GDP growth rate is down from the previous week's estimate. The S&p 500 closed at 5 on the Friday before Memorial Holiday weekend.
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Mega Forces: Infrastructure Required
Jean Boivin: Infrastructure sits at the intersection of five mega forces: Demographic divergence, geopolitical fragmentation, digital disruption and artificial intelligence and digital disruption. Infrastructure needs sit at intersection of mega forces - the structural shifts driving returns now and in the future. He highlights investment opportunities in emerging markets where capital investment has not kept up with growth.
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Don't Expect A Stock Market Correction, But The Easy Money Has Been Made
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The Greenback Is Mostly Softer
The dollar is still mostly softer against the G10 currencies, but is slightly firmer against the Japanese yen. US index futures are signaling a firm return from the long weekend. Most Asia Pacific equity markets slipped today. Gold is trading within yesterday's range. Japan reported that April retail sales rose by less than expected.
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U.S. Presidential Election: Implications For Investors
Kim Parlee speaks with William Priest and Kevin Hebner about the implications for investors of the upcoming US presidential election. Priest and Hebner write a report on what the election results could mean for investors. They discuss the law of globalization and the impact it could have on the global economy.
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Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality?
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Weekly Market Pulse: Is Perception Reality? A recent poll finds 56% believe the US economy is in recession. 58% blame the Biden administration for the current state of the economy. What really matters for investors is the economy itself, not how markets react to it.
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GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis GDP And PCE Data This Week: Don't Forget About Inflation Expectations GDP and PCE data this week: Core CPI and Core PCe data for April ’24. The more telling aspect of inflation is “inflation expectations” The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Data for May 24, 2024 will be released.
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Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype
Home Market Outlook: Today's Market Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype. Nvidia's stock surged 15% this week, boosting market capitalization to $10 trillion. The massive 'doomsday glacier' is undergoing a 'vigorous ice melt' that could reshape sea level rise projections.
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Weekly Report: what happened at IVOO last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 3d ago
Holiday Overview: The State Of Play
The US dollar traded mostly higher last week. The dollar traded above JPY157 for the first time since May 1. The US 10-year yield bottomed near in mid-May and reached last week to test the 20-day moving average. Sterling reached a two-month high near $.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
The Economy And The Treasury Yield Curve Decoupled, But Save The Rally
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