6 Top-Performing Leveraged/Inverse ETFs of Q3 · 10/04 16:15
ETF Weekender: Millions Face Tax Threat. Invesco and State Street Mull Merger
Bloomberg · 09/18 16:00
Vanguard Joins Price War in China to Win Clients After Retreat
Bloomberg · 08/18 21:00
Day Traders Battle Quants in the $160 Billion Thematic Boom
Bloomberg · 08/18 16:44
China Dip Buyers Finally Reach ‘Breaking Point’ After 56% Loss
Bloomberg · 08/18 15:19
Wall Street Traders Stockpile Hedges as Goldman Urges Caution
Bloomberg · 08/18 12:34
Cathie Wood’s Strategy Draws More Skeptics as Returns Dwindle
Bloomberg · 08/18 05:33
World pledges medical aid to India amid surging COVID-19 infections
The Biden administration will immediately provide aid to India, including the raw materials needed for making COVID-19 vaccines, drugs, test kits, ventilators and personal protective equipment as the country struggles
Seekingalpha · 04/26 07:21
Ark Funds Buy $352 Million Worth of Coinbase in Two Days
Cathie Wood’s funds have snapped up about $352 million worth of shares in the biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc. over two days, as the stock’s turbulent start continues.
Bloomberg · 04/16 04:00
Bitcoin-ETF Frenzy Heats Up With Grayscale Deal, Ticker Change
Grayscale Investments LLC, the company behind the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trust, has purchased a stake in a little-known ETF provider days after reiterating a desire to convert its fund into one.
Bloomberg · 04/15 20:13
Day Trader Fever Ticking Back Up in Latest Show of Retail Pluck
They’re back. Or rather, they never went away.
Bloomberg · 04/15 20:04
Quant-Inspired ETFs Are Breaking Records and Beating the S&P 500
The great stock-market rotation is revitalizing a $1.4 trillion corner of quantitative investing and handing ETF managers a rare opportunity to outperform the S&P 500.
Bloomberg · 04/15 15:28
Gold Rises With Soft Dollar, Declining Yields After U.S. Data
Bloomberg · 04/15 14:44
Conceptualizing The Volatility Decay Of Leveraged Funds
In this article I will walk you through the commonly used but wrong way to think about volatility decay.We'll then walk through an example of volatility decay with realistic numbers.Afterwards, we'll build a simple mathematical model to calculate volatility decay from first principles.We'll compare the model with back-test simulations done on
Seekingalpha · 09/22/2020 17:49
New talks aimed at defusing Himalayan dispute between China and India
Defense ministers from India and China are looking to defuse a tense situation between the two nations on the Himalayan border that has escalated several times this year.India's Rajnath Singh
Seekingalpha · 09/05/2020 13:41
Despite Pandemic's Impact On Production, Indian Steel Exports Rise
India's steel production contracted since the arrival of COVID-19.Much of the Indian steel exports headed to China, despite ongoing tensions between the two nations.In the short term, exports would continue to grow over domestic consumption in India.
Seekingalpha · 09/04/2020 00:23
Despite COVID-19 Fallout, Some Indian Steel Executives See Signs For Optimism
Seeking Alpha - Article · 08/06/2020 10:14
Tailwinds (And Headwinds) In India
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/09/2020 11:21
Active Perspectives On India's Evolution
Seeking Alpha - Article · 06/24/2020 12:50
China, India attempt to resolve border dispute via dialog
Seeking Alpha - Article · 06/17/2020 10:35
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