This Market-Crushing AI Fund Has Moved Heavily Into U.S. Tech Stocks
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Short-Squeezed Hedge Funds Are Now Getting Hit on Their Bullish Bets Too
Bloomberg · 1d ago
SPAC Boom Heats Up as Latest Blank-Check ETF Hits the Market
There’s a new exchange-traded fund tracking the hot trend of blank-check companies.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Psychedelics ETF, World’s First, Seizes on Mental Health Uses
The world’s first exchange-traded fund solely for psychedelic-drug companies will debut this week in Toronto, a reflection of the investment industry’s desire to capitalize on rising interest in prospective mental health treatments using the drugs.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Dot-com Era Stock Valuations Bringing Bubble Fear to ESG Funds
It’s reality-check time for ESG funds.
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Crypto Markets Show More Signs of Excess Amid Bitcoin Rebound
In financial markets filled to the brim with froth, one of the more speculative corners is showing signs of bubbling yet again.
Bloomberg · 2d ago
Bubble Fears Everywhere But All Investors Can Do Is Keep Buying
Across Wall Street, signs of speculative excess are everywhere. Penny stocks surging. Cash pouring into trendy thematic bets. Risky debt paying less than ever. With unchecked animal spirits and historic valuations, what’s an investor to do?
Bloomberg · 2d ago
Junk bonds are set to break January sales records next week
Junk bond sales are poised to break records for January, with month-to-date sales at ~$1.2B below the current January record of $37B.There's still a week to go in the month
Seekingalpha · 3d ago
Behind the NYSE’s Swerves on Delisting China Stocks
In the course of a week, the New York Stock Exchange said it would delist a trio of Chinese companies, then that it wouldn’t and then that it would, stoking confusion among investors globally. The moves were the result of an initiative by then-President Do...
Bloomberg · 6d ago
BlackRock sees 'new nominal' accelerating as inflation expectations hit 26-month highs
Inflation expectations are higher than they've been since November 2018, based on the 10-year breakeven rate, and that's adding extra juice to BlackRock's bond outlook that calls for stronger growth
Seekingalpha · 01/11 18:21
Cathie Wood’s Ark Joins Top 10 ETFs With Tesla-Heavy Fund
Bloomberg · 01/11 16:54
Nancy Davis Has $1 Billion After Ditching Hedge Fund for ETF
Nancy Davis of Quadratic Capital Management LLC offered a glimpse of the future when she pivoted from her hedge fund to launch an ETF in 2019.
Bloomberg · 01/11 14:03
JPMorgan Strategists Say U.S. ETF Could Sap Bitcoin Price
U.S. approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund could weigh on the digital coin’s price in the short term, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Bloomberg · 01/11 08:31
Gold’s Slump on Yields, Dollar Fires Warning at Everything Rally
Gold’s sharp tumble is sounding a warning about potential vulnerabilities across markets.
Bloomberg · 01/11 06:36
Hang Seng Indexes Under Pressure as Funds Avoid Chinese Stocks
Hong Kong’s index provider is facing increasing pressure to comply with a U.S. ban on investments in Chinese companies that populate its benchmarks.
Bloomberg · 01/11 03:50
Bond Traders Lean Toward Higher Yields Amid Georgia Runoff
Bloomberg · 01/05 20:29
Bankruptcy filings fall in December, with 2020 filings the lowest in 35 years
Helped by fiscal and monetary policy support, bankruptcy filings in December 2020 of 34,304 hit the lowest monthly total since January 2006, according to data from legal services firm Epiq.For
Seekingalpha · 01/05 17:18
Markets Brace for Greater Chance of Blue Wave in Georgia Races
While the relentless spread of the coronavirus drove the equity market lower on Monday, there were also signs investors are preparing for a greater possibility that Democrats will gain control of the U.S. Senate.
Bloomberg · 01/04 21:04
Crypto Fund’s Price Diverges From Holdings in Latest Mispricing
Bloomberg · 01/04 19:49
ETFs’ Big Three Struggle to Make Mark in 2020’s Largest Launches
Three big players have long made up the majority of the $5.4 trillion U.S. exchange-traded fund industry, but their latest offerings were also-rans in a record year for new product launches.
Bloomberg · 01/04 16:10
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