Dollar Pulled Back In Europe - New Buying Opportunity?
Seeking Alpha · 1h ago
ECB Preview: 'One Is None' Or 'One And Done'?
ECB’s forecasts of inflation dropping below 2% and staying there give the ECB the room to gradually reduce rates in line with market expectations. The ECB will cut rates not because it has to, but because it can. Carsten Brzeski expects a slight upward revision of growth and inflation next week.
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The Greenback Is Mostly Softer
The dollar is still mostly softer against the G10 currencies, but is slightly firmer against the Japanese yen. US index futures are signaling a firm return from the long weekend. Most Asia Pacific equity markets slipped today. Gold is trading within yesterday's range. Japan reported that April retail sales rose by less than expected.
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Fed divergence: ECB officials confirm first rate cut next week
ECB officials confirm first rate cut next week. Euro zone inflation held steady at below 3% in April. The European Central Bank will lower interest rates before the Federal Reserve. ECB officials have all but confirmed that the first cut will happen at its meeting next week, as inflation moves closer to 2%.
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Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype
Home Market Outlook: Today's Market Weekly Commentary: Speculative Bubble Hype. Nvidia's stock surged 15% this week, boosting market capitalization to $10 trillion. The massive 'doomsday glacier' is undergoing a 'vigorous ice melt' that could reshape sea level rise projections.
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Holiday Overview: The State Of Play
The US dollar traded mostly higher last week. The dollar traded above JPY157 for the first time since May 1. The US 10-year yield bottomed near in mid-May and reached last week to test the 20-day moving average. Sterling reached a two-month high near $.
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Weekly Report: what happened at HEZU last week (0520-0524)?
Weekly Report · 3d ago
Flash PMIs Signal Faster Developed World Growth In May, Led By The U.S.
Flash PMIs Signal Faster Developed World Growth In May, Led By The US. Economic growth accelerated across all four largest developed economies in May. The strongest expansion in May was recorded in the US, where output rose at the sharpest rate for two years. Inflation remains elevated by pre-pandemic standards across all G4 economies.
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Week Ahead: Near-Term Dollar Outlook Less Clear Than A Week Ago
Stronger than expected data and hawkish FOMC minutes lifted US rates and the dollar last week. Sterling remained resilient despite weak economic data, but rate expectations were impacted by stronger than expected CPI. The G7 finance ministers took a tougher stance against China's trade practices. The dollar's setback may not signal the resumption of a lower trend.
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"Zero" Fed Rate Cut in 2024? ETF Strategies to Follow
NASDAQ · 5d ago
Calmer Markets Ahead Of The Weekend
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Why The European Central Bank Is Embracing The Idea Of Rate Cuts
Declining inflation and slower growth have contributed to the rising potential for rate cuts in Europe. Eurozone core inflation has been coming down more quickly than similar measures in the U.S. The European Central Bank has publicly embraced the idea of rate cuts. A weaker euro could give the ECB pause about cutting rates.
Seeking Alpha · 05/23 11:55
U.K. CPI Disappoints
Seeking Alpha · 05/22 11:15
Weekly Report: what happened at HEZU last week (0513-0517)?
Weekly Report · 05/20 12:00
Weekly Commentary: Monetary Disorder
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Weekly Commentary: Monetary Disorder. Markets see excessively loose conditions and increasingly powerful inflationary dynamics. Doug Noland: The fundamental predicament today is Monetary Disorder, including speculation running out of control. The Bloomberg Commodities Index surged this week, boosting y-t-d gains.
Seeking Alpha · 05/20 09:47
Global Economic Outlook: May 2024
Seeking Alpha · 05/17 05:00
Sweden's Rate Cut Heightens Anticipation For The ECB And Fed
Sweden's Rate Cut Heightens Anticipation For The ECB And Fed. Sweden's Riksbank cut rates before the US Federal Reserve. The move shows central banks aren't waiting for the Fed to cut rates. Positive economic signs are emerging in Europe and China. More shipping disruptions in the Red Sea could impact inflation.
Seeking Alpha · 05/16 16:30
May 2024 Active Management Insights: Beyond The Magnificent 7
Home Market Outlook Today's Market May 2024 Active Management Insights: Beyond The Magnificent 7. Managers are increasingly focusing on sectors beyond tech that could benefit from the rise in AI. Globally, managers anticipate an increase in mergers and acquisitions through the rest of 2024.
Seeking Alpha · 05/16 12:00
Will USD Be Bought After Being Sold On Expectations Of A Softer CPI?
The market expects softer US CPI and retail sales data today. The dollar is trading weakly against G10 currencies and emerging market currencies. US interest rates are softer, with Treasury yields at their lowest level since April 10. Softer yields and a weaker dollar have lifted gold and copper to record levels.
Seeking Alpha · 05/15 12:35
Global Trade Revives Amid Renewal Of Worldwide Goods Exports
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Global Trade Revives Amid Renewal Of Worldwide Goods Exports. Global manufacturing new export orders returned to expansion territory for the first time in 27 months in April. India leads global goods trade decline as global services export flows stabilise. Emerging market export business conditions in developed markets remain in contraction.
Seeking Alpha · 05/14 07:20
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