Hedge Funds’ Trades Are Working Again After Worst Day in History
It won’t make the retail crowd any happier. But everything that had been making life miserable for institutional investors this week is reversing itself on Thursday.
Bloomberg · 01/28 19:35
Silver Is the Latest Market Hit by Reddit Day-Trader Frenzy
Bloomberg · 01/28 15:11
GameStop Is Creating Problems in Sleepy World of Index Following
The Reddit-spurred market madness is spreading to even the most placid corners of the passive world.
Bloomberg · 01/28 13:31
GameStop Briefly Tops $500 as Stock Resumes Momentous Surge
GameStop Corp. resumed its rally in early U.S. trading, momentarily pushing the stock above $500, as day traders moved on from limits to the Reddit forum whose users have fueled the stock’s meteoric ascent.
Bloomberg · 01/28 12:13
Cash-Rich Software Company Mints No-Lose Bitcoin Trade
MicroStrategy Inc.’s bet on Bitcoin is paying off -- for its bond holders.
Bloomberg · 01/28 10:00
Hedge-Fund Titans Lose Billions to Reddit Traders Running Amok
Bloomberg · 01/28 02:28
Dan Sundheim’s $20 Billion D1 Capital Loses About 20% This Month
Dan Sundheim’s D1 Capital Partners, one of last year’s top-performing hedge funds, lost about 20% this month through Wednesday, making it one of the biggest victims yet to emerge as retail investors target hedge funds’ favorite positions.
Bloomberg · 01/28 00:39
U.S. Stocks Drop Most Since October; Dollar Jumps: Markets Wrap
Bloomberg · 01/27 21:01
Hedge Fund Favorites Are Telltale Leaders In Broad Stock Selloff
Bloomberg · 01/27 16:04
‘Nasdaq of China’ Is Coming to U.S. Investors Through New ETF
For U.S. investors, getting a chance to take part in Shanghai’s Nasdaq-style tech board just got a whole lot easier with the inception of a new exchange-traded fund.
Bloomberg · 01/27 14:03
This Market-Crushing AI Fund Has Moved Heavily Into U.S. Tech Stocks
Bloomberg · 01/27 02:02
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