Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Lines Up Jane Street, Virtu in ETF Bid
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Cathie Wood’s ARKK Posts Longest Inflow Streak in Over a Year
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Persian Gulf Gets First ETFs Tracking US Stocks From Chimera
Bloomberg · 1d ago
Market Is Shredding All the Time-Tested Ways to Chart Its Course
Bloomberg · 3d ago
Jittery Markets Switch Winners and Losers in Russell Rebalance
Bloomberg · 3d ago
Brace for the Most Expensive, Manic Minutes of the Trading Year
Bloomberg · 3d ago
Tesla Loses Top Spot in Cathie Wood’s Flagship Fund
Bloomberg · 05/20 09:14
Battered Stock Traders Brace for $1.9 Trillion Option Expiration
Bloomberg · 05/19 20:15
Short Sellers Line Up Against Stocks as Bearish Bond Bets Vanish
Bloomberg · 05/19 17:27
Bonds Are Suddenly Getting Love From Investors Hedging Recession
Bloomberg · 04/30 16:28
Billions Are Pouring Into Chipmaker ETFs Stung by Stock Drops
Bloomberg · 04/12 15:41
BlackRock Among Investors to Reduce Losing China Property Bets
Bloomberg · 04/06 02:54
BlackRock Sees Record Credit ETF Trading as ECB Saps Liquidity
Bloomberg · 02/21 12:33
Silver Rally Runs Into Roadblock as Margins Rise, Warnings Mount
Silver futures opened lower after the CME Group announced that it was raising margins for Comex contracts following a rally to an eight-year high that was inspired by an army of retail investors.
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 23:38
Speculation Swirls Over Exactly Who Is Behind Silver’s Run-Up
As silver futures surged to the highest level in almost eight years, traders are still trying to solve a mystery: Who penned the Reddit posts that ignited this staggering run-up in prices -- and why were they taken down?
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 19:02
The Reddit Frenzy Has Already Quadrupled Silver’s Options Volume
The silver options market, normally a quiet zone compared to gold or oil, has burst to life, roiled the most in years by the Reddit frenzy.
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 18:47
Billions on the Move in ETF Land Show Scale of Stock Rotation
For all the talk of a comeback for big tech shares in January, tracking the cash shows the rotation into riskier names not only continued -- it got stronger.
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 18:35
Cathie Wood’s Ark Is Still Setting the Pace in Thematic ETF Boom
It’s a measure of Cathie Wood’s popularity that the main fund at Ark Investment Management saw money exit last week and still had the greatest inflows for any U.S. thematic exchange-traded fund in January.
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 17:17
In Silver, Redditors Find a Fit for Raging Against Establishment
It seems a match made in heaven: Reddit’s rambunctious army of retail investors eager to take on the financial elites, and the world of silver “bugs,” hard-core metal bulls, many of whom have long argued the price was being suppressed by powerful forces.
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 16:26
Goldman Tightens Golden Handcuffs for a Booming Trading Desk
Bloomberg · 02/01/2021 13:02
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